Top Reasons to Choose Laravel for Enterprise Solutions

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It’s no secret that we love Laravel. Styling itself as “The PHP framework for web artisans,” Laravel is the framework for developers who love expressive, simple syntax and want to build applications fast. This makes it an ideal framework if you work in teams, if you have hard deadlines to meet, and of course, if you value very elegant code. In short, it’s a very rich and expressive framework.

But its nature as an artisanal framework has raised some questions. Sure, it can create very beautiful code, but is Laravel robust and mature enough to handle big enterprise-level projects?

We say yes. Multiple fortune 500 companies use Laravel to develop their apps. This is probably because Laravel offers robust security and much better traffic handling — essential for any large application. But those are far from the only reasons. Below are more reasons you should opt for Laravel when developing your enterprise applications.


As we just mentioned, security is one of the first things to love about Laravel. This framework boasts XSS/CSRF/Bcrypt right out of the box. You’ll never have to worry about, for example, malicious actors, hackers, data breaches, etc etc — all the things that cause major headaches and even staff turnover. Laravel has security written right into the framework.

Open-Source Community and Support

You know that open-source applications come with more support and free software. This makes support quite easy because if there’s an issue, you can just post on the community forum and get answers. But did you also know that this is a security feature? Here’s why:

If you’re having an issue in your enterprise app that causes poor user experience or something of that nature, then chances are, due to the nature of your app, it’s actually causing you the loss of money. Especially if it’s a consumer app or something of that nature. So having these issues continue is a costly proposition.

Laravel’s robust open-source community means you can fix these issues as fast as possible. All you have to do is post about your issue and you’ll receive the full support of the community.

Global Traffic Handling

The third important feature to develop in Laravel is its traffic handling. If you want your business to grow, eventually you will need to handle more and more traffic in the future. This is where Laravel will come in handy. In short, Laravel was created to start with AND scale well. If you develop the correct way, any app developed in Laravel will be able to handle a high volume of traffic.

Of special note here is Laravel’s message queue system, which can be instrumental in balancing loads, boosting app speed, and maintaining data integrity. With connections across multiple queue backends and a relational database, the queue system works by allowing the server to postpone the processing of a time-consuming task, taking care of faster tasks first to free up the server. In short, this keeps the web server happy and healthy.

The other benefit enterprise apps will enjoy in this area is the way Laravel can handle international traffic. The Laravel framework makes it easy to build a multilingual app that works immediately — not one you have to go back and add multilingual functionality later. If you’re building to scale later, this is essential. Plus, it’s easy to apply multilingual capability to every device and browser, which will help drive global traffic to your app.


We’ve been speaking mostly about the key features decision-makers will appreciate from Laravel, but there’s another key feature that developers love: speed.

Laravel is built with built-in features to make developers more productive and give the advantage of speed to enterprises — important whether you care about time to market or simply rolling out updates. In fact, this is one of the main advantages Laravel has over other frameworks.

Laravel offers quicker app development because it doesn’t require a complicated code. It comes with pre-built components, leading to faster development and of course a better time to market. When you can build a sustainable, built-to-scale enterprise app, and build it fast, you have a distinct advantage.

Rapid App Development is certainly a growing trend, especially among certain cultures such as Silicon Valley. While that certainly has its advantages, what we’re more concerned with is the quality of the app. If you launch before the app is ready due to internal conflicts or something else then your time to market won’t matter if people hate your app. But of course, Laravel has an answer for this. When we’re discussing speed we don’t just mean speed in terms of developing and building the app. We also mean the speed of the app itself. Laravel comes with different tools that enable PHP developers to improve the performance of the app. Apps built in Laravel just perform well — leading to better UX and more revenue.

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Is Laravel the right choice for an enterprise solution? Absolutely. The key to app development is to build it right — and by doing that, speed will follow. With its robust community support, speed, and ease of traffic handling, Laravel makes it easy to honor both your commitment to quality, but also your deadlines and launch date. As a next step, choose one from your preferred PHP development companies and get started. If you need any assistance, here’s our comprehensive guide on how to hire the best web developers.


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