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We reimagine QA and end-to-end testing strategies to help you achieve success in digital.

Functional Testing

Our extensively trained professionals ensure that the code function, security features, APIs, installation procedures and other functional aspects of a web/mobile app are compliant with the designed specifications and perfectly meet customer needs.

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Integration Testing

While working on your projects, our QA specialists leverage top-down or bottom-up methods to test the integration of different modules within your app and ensure the seamless communication between all of them, while keeping in mind your budget and time constraints.

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Unit Testing

Our skilled testers come with the proficiency to detect bugs before the SDLC advances by writing superior quality unit tests, thereby, paving the way for less-pervasive re-factoring by the developers, and meeting short timelines.

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Performance Testing

Our QA experts carry out performance testing to determine your software’s stability, capacity, scalability, endurance, and speed under normal as well as anticipated peak load conditions, and detect elements that cause degradation.

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Security Testing

We focus on vulnerability testing, mobile, and web app penetration testing, ethical hacking, password cracking, adhoc data testing, and cross-site scripting to ensure your business and customers remain hack-proof.

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Usability Testing

With our experienced QA professionals, get assured, defined and productive approaches for mobile app usability testing, A/B testing, design surveys, and preference testing, to make your app/website ready for a million users.

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Regression Testing

Our best-in-class regression testing services ensure that your apps remain defect-free even after modifications, patches, enhancements and configuration changes. We offer maximum test coverage to make sure that these changes do not hinder or impede the smooth functionality of existing applications.

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Compatibility Testing

Our dedicated team of QA experts offer end-to-end compatibility testing services that include tests for operating systems, database, devices, network, versions, bandwidth handling capacity and browsers, to remove all bottlenecks from your software so that your users get the same positive experience, regardless of what their personal setup is.

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Automated Testing

Our test automation specialists have in-depth knowledge of multiple automation testing tools required to automate regression tests, develop new test cases and come up with automated test scripts. Our pool of skilled testers has the unmatched expertise to use scalable automation suites to test any app or API and get consistent quality and results.

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Industry Experience

Our team is specialized in a wide array of industry verticals

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Some Of Our Works


Helping Life Happens with a Web App That Drives Financial Literacy

Tech Stack: Laravel, Vue.js, CSS

This is a web app that helps insurance companies upload marketing/educational resources (e.g. flyers, brochures, videos, etc.) and drive financial literacy in society.

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How We Helped IDM With Data Collection and Reporting Tools

Tech Stack: Laravel, HTML, CSS

IDM wanted us to develop a responsive web application that would allow the users to update data and reports about oil-fields in real-time.

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Development of Cost Management Tool and Dashboard for Landscaping Companies

Tech Stack: React.js, C#, SaaS

We created multiple cost calculators within the app to enable contractors to develop estimates, calculate forecasts, and manage their logistics easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The road to manage outsourced software testing can be bumpy. However, you can avoid obstacles by following key steps like:

  • Streamlining your workflows
  • Choosing a reliable vendor that has sufficient skilled resources
  • Motivating your development team to collaborate with an external test team
  • Assigning a senior QA manager to cooperate with the vendor
  • Assessing your vendor performance regularly
  • Handling outsourcing concerns like unexpected software upgrades efficiently

We offer a broad array of software testing services that include performance testing, functional testing, regression testing, integration testing, security testing, compatibility testing, unit testing, usability testing, and automated testing.

Automation testing is the process of running software tests automatically, handling test data and evaluating results to improve product quality. It is a way of measuring the quality assurance of a software through automated tests to save time, money and effort.

Manual testing is the practice of testing a software manually to detect bugs and errors. During this process, the tester executes test cases to evaluate each component of a website or a mobile application (without using any tool or script), and reports to the developers if they find any discrepancies or inconsistencies in the app.

Yes, you can hire highly proficient selenium developers from us (starting from $2400 per month). If you want, you can manage your developers directly, assign tasks, and review the output. Alternatively, we are happy to offer a free-of-cost Project Manager who can act as your single point of contact while managing multiple developers on your behalf.

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