Capital Numbers Bestowed as One of the “Promising Brands of 2022.”

“Consistency is one of the biggest factors to accomplishment and success.” – Byron Pulsifer.

Another appreciation. Another matter of pride. Yes, we made it. September is indeed a month of celebration for us. After winning the Eastern India Best Employer Brand Awards 2022, Capital Numbers is felicitated as one of the “Promising Brands of 2022” by the Economic Times in the 5th Edition of “Economic Times Promising Brands 2022”.

The Economic Times offers a standalone platform where brand leaders join to gain knowledge, evolve, learn, adapt, and grow. With fireside chats and roundtable discussions, they focused on companies’ activities to understand what to do to ensure an enjoyable customer experience. We are pleased to participate in the discussion to share our success stories and engage in comprehending the subtleties of successful brands.

Held in Mumbai on September 22, the Economic Times Promising Brands Conclave not only acknowledged and applauded our efforts but also encouraged us to go further miles to provide unmatchable customer service.

While the pandemic and the post-pandemic situation made it difficult for brands to survive, Capital Numbers went above and beyond to stay, thrive, and expand in the challenging situation. As customer satisfaction is our primary motto, we offer unmatchable services to our customers and solve their problems smartly, without giving them any chance to complain. All these help showcase our brand before others, leave a lasting impression on start-ups and help them expand.

The success stories of Capital Numbers, which describe how the company has, in various ways, surpassed customers’ expectations, will also be included in the Economic Times Most Promising Brands Conclave Coffee Table Book. Additionally, it will discuss how the top brand has gained the support of both new and returning customers.

To quote Mr. Mukul Gupta, the CEO of Capital Numbers, “It is a matter of pride to have the felicitation. The past two-and-a-half years have been challenging for us like other brands. But our hard work, dedication, and determination to offer unmatchable services help us overcome the difficult situation, press on, pivot, and transform.

With evolving working practices and skill trends, Capital Numbers is making an effort to enhance employee growth and well-being. We have worked hard to improve our core competencies and gradually develop our offerings while setting the pace for innovation and transformation. We’ve created connections with our workforce and involve them in activities to raise their spirits and keep them motivated, which boosts efficiency and improves productivity.

We value our clients. Therefore, felicitations like this raise our obligations to the clients. And we have high hopes for retaining customers and expanding our business over time. Keep believing, keep trusting.


Recent Awards & Certifications

  • World HRD Congress
  • G2
  • Dun and Bradstreet
  • ISO 9001 & 27001