Capital Numbers has been rated among “50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in India” by Deloitte


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Founded in 2012, Capital Numbers is an award winning company offering web, mobile, gaming and digital marketing services to agencies and businesses

Capital Numbers is a Digital Production Outsourcing Company. We offer Web, Mobile and Digital Marketing Solutions to start ups, small businesses and to those companies that prefer to either keep their in-house team small or, sub-contract any overflow work they cannot handle with their existing team.

Companies looking to outsource often make a costly mistake by hiring freelancers which is bit of a hit-and-miss or, working with large consultancies which often do not deliver enough value.

At Capital Numbers, we engage dedicated small, smart teams for our clients who help them focus more on their business objectives rather than worry about technical stuff. For all intents and purposes we function as your extended team working from our development center in India.

Using our services, clients enjoy the cost benefits and flexibility of hiring through online portals such as UpWork, and quality, reliability and privacy of working with established consultancies.

Capital Numbers started operating in June 2012 with an initial team of 2 people. In the past 3 years we have grown to a team of 300+ full-time professionals working under the same roof. We are an ISO 9001 Certified company and also registered with Duns-and-Bradstreet in India.

In 2015, Capital Numbers was awarded one of the “Top 10 Promising Start-ups” in CII Industrial Innovations Awards 2015 organized by CII and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India. We were also awarded with “SME Start-up of the Year” by The Telegraph at INFOCOM.

We got clients across 4 different continents and the experience of working in over 1000+ different projects of varying complexity. Some of our clients include Conde Nast, Dell, Land Rover, Thomson Rueters, Boston Childrens Hospital, My Payment Systems, Harvard University, Duke University, Doosan, Ordina, Edelman etc.

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