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Our Selection Process Pairs You With Skilled Developers Who Specialize in the Requirements of Your Project

Our selective recruitment & hiring processes affords you the opportunity to work with the top 1% of developers.

We rigorously manage and continuously train our developers throughout their time with us. But before they even start working with us, we put them through an extensive selection process. Your developer will be skilled, experienced, and perfect fit for your specific project.

Key Traits

We always seek to build a long-term development relationships with our clients by helping them solve complex and challenging tasks. Therefore, our developers need certain talents, traits, and skill sets to meet and exceed client expectations. Experience and technical knowledge are not enough. We retain only developers who demonstrate a blend of initiative, talent, and responsibility.

Here are some key traits we screen for:

  • Strong Development Skillset


    Strong Development Skillset

    Many clients choose us over western developers. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to replicate and even exceed the quality of development offered by developers in the United States and Europe. In our hiring process, we select only candidates with significant development skills.

  • Logical Aptitude


    Logical Aptitude

    The nature of our work demands a strong proficiency with basic and advanced logic. A developer who thinks logically will build a functional, easy-to-maintain product. As many of our clients are startups and entrepreneurs who wish to quickly develop an MVP, logical aptitude is an essential trait for our developers.

  • Responsibility



    We maintain efficient project management. But we also require each developer to maintain a certain level of commitment to the project and his or her supervisor. So we only hire candidates capable of showing up, performing great work, and notifying management of unforeseen delays or problems. This way, development goes on uninterrupted.

  • Transparency



    We maintain total transparency with our clients. When you work with us, you’ll have timesheets, reports, and analysis showing you the details of your project. We expect the same from our developers. If they hit an obstacle, we want to know about it so we can apply a solution as soon as possible.

Choosing the Top 1%

Step 1
Step 1

Analysis & Application

The recruitment specialist and the production team determine which candidates best fit the pipeline requirement. This candidate will need to demonstrate specialized skills on a per-project basis.

  • Requirement Analysis - The recruitment specialist receives the order from the production team and decides on the required skills and experience
  • Job Application - We collect candidates from a wide variety of sources, including job postings, headhunting, and references.
Step 2
Step 2

Shortlisting & Scheduling

We pre-select candidates and shortlist them based on their applications and resumes. Candidates are then invited to interview with us.

  • Shortlisting - we determine which candidates have the most suitable skills for the task
  • Scheduling - we contact the candidates and schedule a time for interviews and
Step 3
Step 3

Technical Discussion

We schedule technical discussions with the candidate determine how they answer questions about potential projects, past projects, and their relevant experience. This is to ensures we hire candidates with high technical skills who require minimum training, so onboarding is faster.

  • Round One: The candidates are vetted for technical skill. If they’re suitable for project requirements, they move on to round 2.
  • Round Two: Candidates who reach this round are asked specific questions about the projects they’ll be assigned to. This round also includes real-time problem-solving.
Step 4
Step 4

HR & Certification

If the candidate performed strongly in both rounds of technical discussion, they move on to speak with HR, submit any certifications they’ve earned, and submit to a background check

  • HR Interview -The candidate is invited to speak with our HR staff. The hiring manager validates the candidates’ communication skills, attitude, ability to work under deadlines, and more.
  • Document Submission - If the candidate passes the HR interview, they can certification and other documentation.
  • Background Check - We always run a background check on the candidate’s past conduct at work, criminal offences, discretion, or disciplinary actions.
Step 5
Step 5


Once all of this is done, we’re ready to bring the candidate on.

  • Job Offer: We formally extend an offer to the candidate to join our team.
  • Onboarding: We ramp up quickly and they start working on your project immediately

Why Choose Us?

Tested time and time again, this stringent process is proven to produce the best results. By applying these hiring methods, we ensure you work with the top 1% of developers.

You won’t have to be concerned about issues such as responsibility and security, because the process weeds out anyone who might cause a problem. You’ll sleep easier have more energy to focus on other things.

Further, this process makes the skill of our developers competitive anywhere in the world. Even if your products compete directly with high-end western products, the quality of your development will be more than up to the task.

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