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With Capital Numbers, You Can

  • Hire development teams/developers experienced with platforms or applications like yours.
  • Quickly ramp up and scale down your development team when needed
  • Augment your in-house teams with talented and highly specialized professionals
  • Cut costs by up to 50% without compromising on quality.
  • Reduce your time to market.
  • Keep complete control over the project, milestones, and deliverables.
  • Completely eliminate overhead, administrative and recruitment costs

Build Your Dedicated Team With
Our Top Tech Skills

  • Hire developers deep expertise in LAMP, Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii, Zend, WordPress. Drupal or Magento.Learn More

  • Get expertise in Core Python, Django, Flask, Microservices, Redis, AWS, Google Cloud, GraphQL, Hadoop, Hive and more.Learn More

  • Node.js is a go-to choice for developers looking to build real-time, scalable apps and collaborative tools.Learn More

  • From mobile and web apps, desktop apps to microservices running on the cloud, .NET provides a solution for all. Learn More

  • Java is one of the most popular and influential languages. It is considered the most secure and reliable due to its 25 yrs old history.Learn More

  • Ruby on Rails is especially relevant for startups building MVP because of its clear syntax and code reusing.Learn More

  • React makes it painless to build interactive UIs, simple views, and component-based structures. Learn More

  • Angular is best for creating dynamic Single Page Applications (SPAs) - both on the web and mobile.Learn More

  • Vue is a go-to choice for developing next-gen apps that are small in size and yet robust.Learn More

  • Get expertise in Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, GitLab CI/CD, Jenkins, and more. Learn More

  • Manual and automation software testing services, including functional testing, security testing, server-side testing, etc.Learn More

  • Hire developers with expertise in iOS, Android, Xamarin, Apache Cordova, PWA, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, and more.Learn More

  • Let us help you build futuristic Swift iOS apps that are high on business value, safety, and design.Learn More

  • Get assistance from our WordPress experts who can take care of concept, development, QA, and delivery. Learn More

  • Hire us for best-in-class Magento solutions that help online merchants scale well in the eCommerce space. Learn More

  • Looking for something more specific? Contact our web development agency to assemble your custom offshore team Learn More

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Dedicated Offshore Software Development Services

Hire Dedicated Developers

Hire dedicated offshore developers with expertise in Frontend, Backend, UI/UX, QA, Testing, DevOps, Digital Marketing, etc. Our experts will work exclusively on your project, with undivided attention, to manage the entire development lifecycle as per your needs.

Learn More

Backend Development

From database migrations to API integrations to set up the server-side technologies that make an application work, a backend web developer is a quintessential role that you want to get your project off the ground.

Learn More

Mobile App Development

Our developers build native or hybrid apps for iOS and Android using the latest tech stack. We have expertise in fintech, edtech, healthcare, streaming industries, and more.

Learn More

Web Development

We use state-of-the-art technologies and development practices to create custom web applications for your business. Our web design team conceptualizes and creates each application from scratch, ensuring it meets your unique business.

Learn More

Software Development

Get the custom functionality and features required to meet your business or industry's unique needs. Our custom software solutions help you address your present needs and, more importantly, your needs for the future.

Learn More

Front-end Development

We create modern, interactive, and reliable user interfaces across all business domains. We work with the most modern tools and frameworks like React.js, Angular, Vue.js, and much more for designing and developing engaging, fast loading, and robust, user-friendly interfaces.

Learn More

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3 Steps To Build Your Custom Dedicated Development Team


Choose Developers

We provide dedicated developers to growing businesses, tech teams, and promising startups worldwide. We let you interview and shortlist developers from our pre-vetted tech talent and decide who joins you and who doesn’t.


Integrate Team into Your Projects

Once you’re done choosing your team, our developers become a part of your extended workforce. We make sure our developers seamlessly fit into your existing processes and work just like your in-house team, who you can directly manage. We also take care of all overhead costs of our developers to help you focus on aspects that matter the most to you.


Scale On-demand

We offer best-fit hiring models for all your requirements - be it part-time, full-time, or on a project basis. So, hire developers from us to suit your specific budget and needs. We also let you scale on-demand and grow your team during high-volume periods and even ramp down team size when needed. In short, we make it easy for you at every step like a true partner who you can rely on.

Why Hire Dedicated Team from
Capital Numbers

  • We Match Your Needs

    By partnering with the #1 IT services employer in Eastern India, you’ll get access to our 650+ in-house dedicated developers and nearly 940K+ senior web and software development experts on the Indian talent market with the specific skills you need to fill any role.

  • You’re in control

    You get a dedicated development team entirely under your control but without the administrative issues and hassles. You control your team’s work, and all processes are fully transparent, so you know exactly who’s doing what, when, and why.

  • Work with Experts

    We’ll help you hire dedicated developers with a deep understanding of backend, frontend, QA, DevOps, UI/UX, or DevOps.

  • Hassle-free production

    Our HR specialists, office managers, and system administrators make sure your development team’s working conditions are perfect.

  • Low Attrition

    Corporate outings, regular training, engagement activities, career counseling, grievance handling – our HR veterans will sure every developer you hire with us stays motivated to try hard to make you successful.

  • Zero Overheads

    Payroll, taxes, benefits, sick days, and vacations for your team – we’ve got you covered.

  • 50% Cost reduction

    Our clients have been able to save up to 50% in labor costs.

  • 4.8/5 Rating on Clutch

    Our clients highlight our ability to build great personal relationships with them, except for the excellent code quality.

  • 75% of the company – senior and middle developers

    We invest in attracting the best talent from the market. We hire only strong middle and senior developers and no juniors.

  • ISO 27001 Information Security

    Capital Numbers adheres to ISO 27001 certified information security standards to ensure that your IP and investment are protected.


Below are our typical monthly price ranges for one mid-senior level full-time person. The actual pricing depends on the skillset, the number of years of experience, and the duration of the engagement.

Australia* (AUD)
Backend Skills: PHP, Python, .NET, Node.js, Java, RoR, GoLang
$2100 - $4000
£1500 - £3000
€1800 - €3500
Australia* (AUD)
$2800 - $5500
Frontend Skills: React, Vue, Angular, React Native, Ionic.
$2500 - $4000
£1800 - £3000
€2100 - €3500
Australia* (AUD)
$3500 - $5500
CMS & eCommerce Skills: WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Shopify
$2100 - $4000
£1500 - £3000
€1800 - €3500
Australia* (AUD)
$2800 - $5500
UI/UX Skills: Sketch, Figma, inVision, Zeplin, Adobe CC
$1800 - $2500
£1300 - £1800
€1500 - €1800
Australia* (AUD)
$2500 - $3500
DevOps Skills: AWS. Azure, GCP, Docker, CI/CD, Kubernetes
$4000 - $6000
£3000 - £4250
€3500 - €5000
Australia* (AUD)
$5500 - $8000
Manual QA Skills: Test Plans, Cases & Processes, Functional Testing
$1800 - $2500
£1300 - £1800
€1500 - €1800
Australia* (AUD)
$2500 - $3500
Automation Skills: JavaScript, Selenium, WebDriver, Jasmine etc
$2500 - $4000
£1800 - £3000
€2100 - €3500
Australia* (AUD)
$3500 - $5500
Business Analyst Skills: Storymap, Product Backlog, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition.
$2100 - $2500
£1500 - £1800
€1800 - €2100
Australia* (AUD)
$2800 - $3500

*GST applicable

Your ideal choice, whether you need just anyone talent or a full-cycle development team

People who excel at everything from planning and scheduling to progress tracking and workflow optimization.

Related tools and technologies:

Product Roadmap, Burndown Chart, Release Plan, Jira, TeamWork, Risk Register, Budget Tracker, Project Charter.

Our experienced business analysts will help you refine the project requirements and improve business processes through rigorous research and detailed documentation.

Related tools and technologies:

Storymap, Product Backlog, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition.

Our Designers help you transform your product vision into user-friendly designs and create user journeys optimized for the best user experience and highest conversion rates.

Related tools and technologies:

Sketch, Figma, inVision, Zeplin, Adobe CC, Story Map, Principle, Piece of paper, Pencil

Our front-end developers create the part of your application that the users see and directly interact with. They make sure the experience is equally smooth and user-friendly to every person who uses the app.

Related tools and technologies:

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular, React Native, Ionic.

Our back-end developers plan and develop the whole application architecture, decide which services and databases should communicate together, how API and external integrations should work, and ensure the product is secure and stable.

Related tools and technologies:

PHP, Python, .NET, Node.js, Java, RoR, GoLang, Databases, SQL, Algorithms, Microservices, Architecture.

Reducing the time needed to integrate changes while improving the quality is a tremendous competitive edge in today’s world. Our dedicated developers use the latest CI/CD practices to minimize the number of errors during integration and deployment, thereby streamlining your project.

Related tools and technologies:

AWS. Azure, Cloud Computing, Docker, Continuous Integration/Delivery, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform.

From conducting meticulous manual tests to executing complex automated tests, our top-notch QA and Testing services cover it all, ensuring your software solution is free from any performance, stability, or functionality issues.

Related tools and technologies:

JavaScript, Selenium, Cucumber, Cypress, TestCraft, Katalon, WebDriver, Appium, Jasmine, Apptester

Advantages of a Dedicated
Development Team

No matter how big or small your development project is, Capital Numbers has access to a big pool of dedicated developers for quick augmentation.

Top Coders

We tap into our talent pool to choose the top coders and dedicated developers who would be most suitable for your project and match your requirements. Our certified coders are experts in multi-technology stacks that help you scale where and when you want.

Quick Ramp-ups

Our highly driven team members can rapidly ramp up your development project by implementing significant business transformations in the blink of an eye. We leverage our specialized talent to complete tasks quickly to ensure you reduce time-to-market while keeping your project’s vision in mind.

Customer-centric Approach

Our focus is to achieve excellent customer satisfaction levels and develop a customer-focused culture within our organization. Our dedicated staff are confident communicators who interact with customers, understand their technological needs, and deliver high-quality software that truly resonates with the end-users.

Efficient Product Delivery

Our dedicated software development teams’ high-quality and efficient services in multiple areas lead our clients to forge long-term relations with us, from quick customizations of pre-designed platforms to full-scale software development.

Versatile Teams

Let us know your project specs, and our dedicated and versatile team members, with proven expertise in PHP, Python, NodeJS, Django, Angular, WordPress, React Native, and other diverse areas, will offer you result-driven solutions. We’ll help you meet your project goals on time and on budget and serve as key growth drivers for your business.

Transparent Pricing

We offer transparent and fair pricing at all stages of your software development. If you need a business upgrade or a boost, we’ll help you achieve that by scaling dedicated resources up and down without charging extra costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Capital Numbers is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified digital solutions company with 650+ experts working full time across 3 Delivery Centres. Established in 2012, Capital Numbers are headquartered in Kolkata, India, with offices in the US and Australia. We are winners of multiple awards from Duns and Bradstreet, Clutch, GoodFirms, Deloitte, Financial Times, Nikkei, Economic Times, and Bengal Chamber of Commerce (The oldest chamber of commerce in India).

We are incredibly proud to have over 100+ Five Star Reviews on platforms like Clutch, Google, and GoodFirms which is the most compared to any of our peers in the industry.

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing model aimed at getting extra staff without recruiting and administrative hassles. A vendor takes all hiring responsibilities upon itself, so the client only gets either prescreened CVs to select candidates for the final interview or a ready-to-go team.

  • Get software developers only when needed;
  • No need to hire and fire augmented staff;
  • You aren’t engaged in the recruitment process;
  • Cut operational costs;
  • Augmented staff is provided with equipment and office facilities;
  • It’s easy to scale up a team;
  • Administrative support from your vendor;
  • Direct communication with the augmented staff.

The dedicated development team is your go-to solution in the following cases:

  • Large projects with changing scope;
  • The launch of a new product;
  • Entering new domains and markets;
  • Long-term projects with updates;
  • Projects with a constant sizable workflow;
  • Startups that scale fast.

To hire a dedicated developer or a team of developers, contact us for details. The cost depends on several factors:

  • The number of specialists hired
  • The experience and skill level of engineers
  • Nature of development (web front-end/ web back-end/ mobile)
  • Full-time or Part-time hiring
  • Long-term vs. Short-term engagements

Capital Numbers is an award-winning staff augmentation provider. We can extend your in-house team with:

  • software developers;
  • UI/UX designers;
  • quality assurance engineers;
  • DevOps engineers;
  • project managers.

We make sure that each engagement between you and your developer starts with a trial period of up to one week. This means that you have time to verify the arrangement will be successful. If you're delighted with the results, you can continue for as long as you'd like. If you're not entirely convinced, you won't be invoiced for the time spent. From there, we can either part ways, or we can assign another developer who may be more suitable and with whom we will commence another, no-risk trial.

You can quickly scale up and scale down the size of a dedicated software development team based on the requirements of your project. We can scale up and scale down the team created by our clients to add more features to the software or a significant functionality to the system. We provide our clients with scalability when it comes to hiring a dedicated development team.

Yes, our developers will be matched with your needs, and we will share their profiles with you for review. You can interview our developers before selecting them.

If, in any circumstance, if you are not satisfied with our developers, then we will replace the developer ASAP.

Yes, We sign a Non-disclosure agreement to secure the confidentiality of the source code and project idea.

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