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Magento is an open-source technology-based e-commerce platform that provides an array of features and flexibility to online merchants. However, concerns regarding product visibility, slow loading, low ranking in search results, extension issues, or upgrade challenges are very common. That’s why you should get on board the talented and dedicated Magento developer for everything to work smoothly.

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Our clients include 150 Global Brands, Silicon Valley Founders

At Capital Numbers, you can hire certified Magento developers with over 10+ years of experience.

We offer different pricing models where you can choose an expert Magento developer on a full time, hourly, or fixed cost project basis and direct them as your extended team.

Capital Numbers provides you with;
  • Qualified and experienced Magneto developers who assure results.
  • Robust storefront by employing various Magento versions like Magento 1.9, Magento 2.0.
  • The most prominent and efficient models of Magento Enterprise Development that boost profitability.
  • Committed Magento programmers who are ready to jump-start and build a solution for you.
  • Top 1% Magento developers in India.
  • Immediate chat and support by the developer on a daily basis.
  • A proficient team at a modern, secure, Google® verified office.

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Our Magento Competencies

A successful Magento app development is attributed to our
expertise in the following services:

Magento Enterprise Development

Certified Magento developers at Capital Numbers assists in building an enterprise site with modernized product catalogs, integrated analytics tools, SEO friendly features, order management systems, multi-store management tools, third-party plugins through Web Service APIs, and more.

Magento Commerce Cloud

With a thriving release of Magento 2 Commerce solutions for multiple storefronts, B2B, and B2C clients, we direct businesses to craft personalized content and promotions while ensuring a smooth purchase path. Magento experts at Capital Numbers have deployed web servers, databases, and caching servers across multiple environments for end-to-end testing with seamless integrations.

Magento Extensions

Our Magento developers are skilled at building customized Magento extensions for your eCommerce web portals. We help you extend your online store’s functionality with flexible modules, plugins, and Magento Extensions. Advanced features like POS and Inventory Management are also employed by our Magento programmers, ensuring sales conversions and managing supply chains better than ever.

Magento B2B Development

Whether it is integrating complex shipping channels or customizing order processes to managing catalog systems, our dedicated Magento developers are proficient in everything. Highly qualified and skillful Magento developers at Capital Numbers work towards every aspect of your business, including outlining a strategy for designing your B2B solution. We lend a hand in generating a secure site with an intuitive design for product pages, pre- orders, bulk orders, recurring orders, negotiable quotes, etc.

Magento Migration

Our experienced team of developers can help you with the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, enabling a faster load time, full-page caching, a huge number of transactions, simplified registration process, better mobile shopping, and smooth checkout, improved technical architectures, and better testing capabilities.

Magento Consulting

Are you seeking help in maintaining a Magento store? Our certified Magento consultants make a plan after discussion with you to cover both the strategic and the technical aspects of your site’s maintenance, offering a customer-focused, branded, and engaging online shopping experience that extends your reach to success.

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Capital Numbers sets up a trustworthy connection with the clients.

Being a leading-edge Magento programming service provider, Capital Numbers ensures that the client is content with the service. Few of the key elements which make us stand apart from other competitors;

  • Capital Numbers team lends a hand at every stage of the entrepreneurial adventure - from crafting your idea through design and development to product launch and scaling your business.
  • We start by meticulously understanding the client’s needs and what has to be done.
  • Our certified Magento developers are ready to jump-start and put up an excellent solution for you.
  • After everything is set up and working efficiently, we help out maintaining the solution and update it.
  • We are a reliable partner to any Magento project, right from conception to monitoring.
  • Capital Numbers presents the World-class Magento eCommerce solutions to the clients.
  • Clients are our first priority; hence we provide the user with SEO-friendly, scalable, and secure products.

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Capital Numbers is effectively serving clients all over the World!

With over 150 Global clients, we are a reliable Magento development company chosen by our partners. Our Magento experts put forth the best results for your business needs and have profitably delivered diverse offshore Magento development projects over the years. A dedicated team of Magento developers can work onsite, remotely, or offshore based on the clientele location.

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Benefits of hiring Magento Developers at Capital Numbers

Our pool of certified .NET developers is well-versed in the technologies your project requires to succeed. Our esteemed clientele is already impressed with our .NET team for its engineering skills and ability to give challenging problems a fresh perspective. We’re a partner of choice for Fortune 500s, SMEs, global enterprises, and startups because of our:

Flexible Hiring Options

Transparent and reliable service

Our in-house Magento team follows strict NDAs.

Flexible Hiring Options

Client’s trust

Consistently gaining the trust of clients with over 100+ real, 5 star reviews on

Flexible Hiring Options

Experienced developers

We take up only top developers with proven abilities.

Flexible Hiring Options

Robust and scalable solutions

we adopt the latest tools and advanced technologies.

Flexible Hiring Options

Modern set up

We have the best workplace for effective results.

Flexible Hiring Options

AI-driven workflow

It makes us serve clients efficiently.

Flexible Hiring Options

Aligned project management

It keeps you away from complex project management issues.

Flexible Hiring Options

Save up to 50%

Better yet cost-effective solutions.

Hire Magento developers from Capital Numbers
to take your business to the highest level.

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Partner With Capital Numbers


We are a one-stop shop for your project, helping you at every stage of the entrepreneurial adventure - from crafting your idea, through design and development, up to product launch and scaling your business.

Small Businesses

Small and Mid-Sized businesses need top development skills for scaling their products. We set up dedicated teams that handle new features, maintenance, and scaling for you.


We help enterprise clients achieve better results, automate processes, and cut costs with solutions that bring actionable business insight and pave the way to scaling any business.

Software Companies

We know how difficult it is to source talent. We provide developer teams to support in-house resources or create interdisciplinary, self-reliant tech units to address your needs.

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Easy to choose pricing models

Hire a Dedicated Developer

Starting from $2400/month

8 Hrs/Day - 160 Hrs Per Month. Monthly Rolling Contract. 25% Savings over Fixed Price Projects.

Get a Fixed Price Quote

Starting from $20/hour

We'll provide a fully signed NDA for your project confidentiality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several aspects that can help you choose the best and certified Magento developer.

  • Genuine reviews
  • Expertise level
  • Guarantees the secrecy
  • Easy communication options
  • Years of experience

By comprehensively analyzing your project requirements, we will allocate a skilled and experienced programmer for your project under a well-established IT set-up. Then you can conduct interviews if you need them before hiring a developer ofyour choice.

If you want more developers with a varied skill-set, then we will assist you right away. We offer an excellent customer experience with a 100% success rate.

We pursue responsive methodology while assigning a team to your Magento project. There would be a minimum of 5 members primarily assigned to the project. And they include:

1. Business analyst to carry out the feasibility study of your project requirements. Then, he/she will give an initial consultation that includes a discussion about the requirement breakdown, the total budget for the project, and submission of the project proposal.

2. After this, you will be interacting with a Project delivery manager and the dedicated Magento developer working on your project.

3. Quality Analyst will test your website and make sure that your deliverables are met as assured.

4. And lastly, the Server Administrator who will set up your server and install your Magento website in such a way that it becomes ready to go live.

You can either choose a fixed price quote from $20/hour or hire a dedicated developer starting at $2400/month.

You can either stay in touch with any of the assigned team member or the Project delivery manager, who will be the single point of contact.

With respect to recent updates, Magento has three versions. The first is Magento Open Source, formerly known as Magento Community Edition. The second is Magento Commerce, previously recognized as Magento Enterprise Edition. And the third one is Magento Commerce Cloud, a new entry to the list of versions and editions.

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Capital Numbers 5/ 5
Capital Numbers 5/ 5
Capital Numbers 5/ 5
Capital Numbers 5/ 5
Capital Numbers 5/ 5
Capital Numbers 5/ 5
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