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Mobile Apps

We build handcrafted mobile apps

On-spec. On-time. Within budget.

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Our clients include 150 Global Brands, Silicon Valley Founders,
Small Business Owners, Agencies and Software Companies


If you’re serious about getting apps to improve the way your business operates, or launching high-end and beautiful mobile apps for iOS and Android, then you should know that there’s only one place you can get a dedicated team of skilled developers working exclusively on your vision: right here at Capital Numbers.

  • We work with you and your team on planning and strategy
  • We have hands on experience with both native and hybrid mobile apps.
  • We help you drive customer engagement and sales by building applications for purchase on the Apple and Google app stores
  • We custom-build, design, and deploy an enterprise app you can use to streamline and mobilize your inward-facing systems.
Mobile in hand

Consumer Apps

We develop apps that will solve your specific problems, based on a deep and thorough understanding of your personal needs. Just tell us you have to have, and we’ll give it to you. Your app will be customized, developed, and handcrafted from the ground up.

When we’re taking your app through development, you’ll be completely in the loop. From strategy, to delivery, to support, we keep up transparency while maintaining competitive costs. Because we maintain a large team of developers with a wide array of skills, your app will be available by default on any mobile platform — iOS or Android.

Here’s what we can do for your consumer apps:
  • Create personalized design and themes
  • Develop them for a variety of devices
  • Customize them for standout user experiences
  • Optimize them for speed, performance, and ease of use across devices
  • Release them onto the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store
  • Provide ongoing support and feature enhancements
Get consumer apps for:
  • Commerce
  • Social media
  • Education
  • News media
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment media
  • Gaming
Mobile in hand

Enterprise Apps

Improved efficiency, faster communication and a greater ROI. That’s just some of what we can make your back-end enterprise apps do for you. Our team develops solutions for your entire organization through consistent, scalable and adaptable platforms.

Once we understand your needs, we’ll stuff your apps full of powerful features to take your efficiency and customer relations to the next level. Your app will remain cost-effective, reliable, and easy-to-use, and will also represent a drastic step forward in the efficiency of your business.

Get enterprise apps for:
  • Customer service
  • Document management
  • Automated billing systems
  • Accounting management
  • Payment processing
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Business intelligence
  • Executive dashboards
  • Business continuity planning (BCP)
  • HR management
  • Messaging and collaboration systems.
  • Remote sales and field force enablement

Our Process

  • 1 Research : Is it going to work? How is it going to work? And what’s the best way for us to do it? We go deep into your requirements to discover exactly how to bring you apps that will drastically increase your performance, power, and customer outreach. This is in many regards the most important step. Because your app will be built on many hours of risk-mitigation and market analysis, it will be as close to bulletproof as possible.
  • 2 Design : Our mobile app developers are among the best in the world. That’s great news for you, because they’ll be the ones guiding you through the app design process. You or your team will work closely with our experts to get the results you want, right down to the detail. In the meantime, you’ll get mockups, progress reports, and complete transparency.
  • 3 Develop : We deploy your app, and now you can look it up yourself on the Apple Store or the Google Store. Or, if it’s an enterprise app, it’ll be deployed to your systems and you can start using it immediately to see results. But wait—just because the app is launched doesn’t mean we leave you hanging. We’ll also stay with you to handle maintenance.
  • 4 Deploy & support : We deploy your app, and now you can look it up yourself on the Apple Store or the Google Store. Or, if it’s an enterprise app, it’ll be deployed to your systems and you can start using it immediately to see results. But wait—just because the app is launched doesn’t mean we leave you hanging. We’ll also stay with you to handle maintenance. We can start working on your new app within 48 hours. Can’t wait to have your processes streamlined and your customers loving your new app? Contact us by pressing the button below.

Why Us?

Exclusive attention
Exclusive attention

Each developer works only on your project, no matter which part of the project cycle. Imagine what you could do if all of your employees worked only on one project, eight hours a day.

Experienced Developers
Experienced Developers

All of our employees have at least three years of experience in their fields, and some have more than ten. There isn’t a question they can’t answer, and you can feel comfortable knowing your project is in the best hands.

Guaranteed transparency
Guaranteed transparency

We provide daily check-ins so you can see how your project is doing. Plus, you get a detailed work timesheet via project management tools and Google Docs.

Get a Perfect Match
Get a Perfect Match

We pair you with developers who are a perfect fit for your needs. You won’t have to waste time trying to find qualified team members. Instead, you’ll get experts who know exactly the best way to turn your vision into reality.

Engagement Models

With all engagement models you get complete transparency and daily timesheets so you know exactly how much work is being done and when.

Dedicated Web Application Development Team

Dedicated Mobile App team

If you represent a company with regular large projects, or if your need ongoing work, ask about a retainer. It’s a pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract. You’ll get our technical infrastructure, expertise, processes and execution abilities as easily as if we were located in the office across the hall. In fact, with this model, we effectively become cost-effective, easy-to-work with, and high-quality in-house staff.

  • No hidden costs
  • 80 or 160 hours of guaranteed production every month for part-time and full-time hires respectively
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work done
  • No setup fees
  • Dedicated team is better than Fixed-cost (Learn why)
Fixed Price

Fixed Price

If you have clear, well-defined requirements, you might prefer our fixed-price model. You’ll pay a certain amount that we agree on for a defined amount of work, making this a simple, transparent deal.

  • Know exactly what you’re getting up front, and how much it will be
  • Requires no change in price unless your needs change
  • Can be split and paid in milestones
  • Upgrade or cancel anytime

Why Dedicated Mobile App Team

Each employee has 3+ years of experience and is supervised by a technical lead

We pair you with developers whose talents specifically match your individual needs

No setup fees, so you only pay for the work done

Ironclad NDA's. We don't share the nature of your work with anyone

You get to choose whether to hire your developers on a full-time or hourly basis

As always, your results get delivered ahead of schedule

You'll also free project management with your team

All of this is backed by a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Cancel at any time

Transparency is guaranteed. We share a detailed work timesheet via project management tools and Google Docs

You are protected by our…

100% Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee!

No sloppy developers
No sloppy developers

Can’t trust hired developers? Wrong! We pair you with an in-house developer whose skillsets and training are a match for your project. They will reliably and competently act as the go-to expert in their field, so you get quality work and consultation every time. And if you decide that it isn’t a good match? No problem. We will either provide an immediate replacement, or you get a refund. Under this model, you assume no risk. Either you get quality work, or you get your money back.

Get a free, no obligation estimate for your big idea
Get a free, no obligation estimate for your big idea

Get in touch. We’ll listen to your idea and provide you with a no-cost estimate, usually within 24 hours. If your vision is especially complex, it might take a little longer, but that just means we’re making sure to give it careful attention. Even if you decide not to work with us, you can take your estimate and compare it with other vendors to see who is the best fit. And don’t worry. Your idea is safe with us. We honor any and all NDA requests, otherwise we wouldn’t be in business.

Cheaper than your local guy
Cheaper than your local guy

We’re a money-saving solution. Local developers have a higher cost because they are often slower and have access to fewer resources. Working with us will be more cost-efficient, because we provide the perfect balance of competitive pricing and uncompromising quality. If you somehow the same service cheaper somewhere else, then we’ll match that price. So by working with us, you actually save money. Don’t believe us? Just ask for a quote.

Real Google Reviews

Jonas Peeters

5/5 stars


Great experience working with the Capital Numbers team. They were extremely diligent, accessible and utmost professional in their work. They were worth every euro. We are happy with the results they showed us and also the solutions they come up with to satisfy our needs. I definitely recommend working with them. It is useful to have someone on your side who does have (although limited) knowledge of IT and web hosting.

Per Peterson

5/5 stars


We have found Capital Numbers extremely easy to work with as development partners. They have been great at spending the time on the front-end of projects to understand the full scope which is helpful during development to guide decision-making and potential trade-offs to deliver on time and within budget. They're effective at integrating technical solutions with creative work and we have had a great experience with their project management.

George Levy

5/5 stars


I have been a customer of Capital Numbers for many years and multiple projects across both all my personal websites, and multiple clients. They are my most trusted partner when it comes to any web and mobile development issues.

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  • Economic Times India's Growth Champion 2020
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 500
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50
  • 1000 High Growth Comapnies 2018
  • BCC 1st runner-up 2016
  • The telegraph infocom SME of the year 2014
  • Dun and Bradstreet leading smes of india 2017
  • CII awards 2015

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  • ISO 9001-2015
  • Acquia
  • CII
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