Capital Numbers is the #1 Digital Solutions Provider!

We’re a digital outsourcing company that provides digital innovation on-demand. Although we’re headquartered in Kolkata, India, we have offices across the globe — and our services are as widespread as our locations, spanning customer software development, mobile and web app development, and digital marketing. And our technical competencies are pretty vast as well: JavaScript, iOS …

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5 Tips for Choosing Your Software Development Partner

Gone are the days when outsourcing was primarily for budgetary reasons. Today, companies outsource software projects to tap into the best talent that isn’t always available internally. But, the key challenge here lies in identifying the right partner. This leads us to the favorite word in outsourcing – ‘trust.’ You won’t be able to develop …

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How to Build an App that Makes Money

A bad app is something you absolutely cannot solve with money. For example, a poorly-designed flight search app or an extremely slow banking app will have negative bottom line impacts on your brand, compelling your potential customers to look for other options. On the other hand, a well-thought-out app, whether it’s focusing on social media, …

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The Best JavaScript Frameworks to Consider in 2020 – A Business Owners’ Guide

As we bid adieu to the year 2019, let’s take a look at the incredible journey of JavaScript. Let’s review, analyze and shine a light on JavaScript frameworks that are going to take the center stage in 2020. But before we dig in, we’d like to add that around 69% of software developers used JavaScript …

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Mukul Gupta Says – Capital Numbers Offers Custom-Made Solutions Using Emerging Technologies

Capital Numbers, incepted in 2012, is based in Kolkata, West Bengal. It renders to the clients with White Label services like web design and development, mobile apps, and digital marketing services. Moreover, it is also a certified and award-winning company. It consists of more than 400 carefully vetted specialists who have 100 businesses of all …

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Laravel PHP Framework

6 Gems Tucked Away In Laravel PHP Framework

Anyone aspiring to develop custom software is sure to find the Laravel PHP Framework beneficial. The recent reviews have been most encouraging with 56,000 consumers all across the USA, as well as the world being completely bowled over by its powerful features. Laravel comes with a broad range of features and capabilities, that makes it …

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Drowsiness Detection System

How to Develop a Driver’s Drowsiness Detection System using Python and OpenCV

Numerous drivers drive their car, bus, truck, goods vehicle, movers during day and night time, and often they suffer from lack of sleep. According to various studies and reports, fatigue and drowsiness are some of the leading causes of major road accidents. The automobile industry and fleet management should think about their safety and security …

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Django For Next Project

Django Is All You Need For Your Next Web Project. Here’s Why:

The use of the Django web framework has gained ground over time, slowly becoming an essential part of the Python framework that is incredibly fast for development and offers a clean and practical design. The developers do not have to worry about anything else when they are concerned about creating the App, thanks to the …

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Clutch Names Capital Numbers a Top 1000 Company!

“We are really happy to be among the Top 1000 companies in 2019. All our hard work has been channelized to build a strong company and at the end of the day, this award is a testament to our continued success and growth. Our ongoing drive and ambition to create a global presence remain undiminished, …

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Symfony Framework

Why Symfony is a Top Choice for Entrepreneurs Globally?

As an entrepreneur, when you start a new project, you have to take one of the most vital decisions of choosing the right framework. No matter how experienced you are, you are going to find it challenging to determine whether you should opt for vanilla PHP or use a high-performance framework like Symfony. Let’s see …

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