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Database Architectural Patterns For Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications

Architecting databases for multi-tenant SaaS (Software as a Service) applications can be challenging and there are various aspects like security, flexibility, cost, maintenance etc. which must be kept in mind while designing such a database. In a multi-tenant architecture, a single instance of the application serves multiple customers who all share either a database or …

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Design Patterns In PHP

Design Patterns are standard ways of approaching some recurring problems in programming. As the application grows, refactoring and implementing features becomes harder. To prevent these issues, development must be done following a design or architectural pattern. Here is a quick overview of the benefits, elements and classification of using design patterns. Benefits Maintainable code, code …

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Building A Multivendor Marketplace Platform from Ground Up

What is a Multivendor Marketplace? In simple terms, a multi-vendor marketplace is an online shopping platform where multiple sellers/vendors come together to sell either same or different products. The relationship between the sellers/vendors and buyers in such a platform is “many-to-many”. This helps the buyers to select from a diverse range of products and plays …

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