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The Client

This AI-powered mobile application provides trusted advice to new parents who want to give their newborns a healthy start in life. The app serves as a Robo-support to young parents looking for personalized child care tips and suggestions. New moms can use this conversational AI app to understand how to deal with the daily demands while raising a child and cope with parenting challenges without stress.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Capital Numbers’ objective was to develop this AI-powered mobile application from the ground up. We had to infuse an intelligent AI assistant within the app. This AI assistant would provide real-time answers to first-time parents who have queries about child feedings, naps, nutrition, hygiene, etc. Simply put, we had to bring in FAQ automation through a chatbot.

We also needed to grow the capability of this chatbot. We didn’t want to limit the bot to just text-only or image-only. We needed to make it multimodal. A multimodal bot can chat with humans through texts, images, voice messages, numerical data, HTML files, links, etc. Conversations with a multimodal bot are more realistic. So, we looked at combining multiple intelligence processing algorithms. This would make conversations human-like and friendly.

The idea was to provide a chat flow that sounds personalized and not robotic.

The Solution

The Solution

Capital Numbers pulled together the best-fit developers for this project. Our priority was to set up if/then logic to send users down a specific path and tailor the conversation.

Once we finalized our conditional rules, we went ahead implementing them using the following tech stacks:

We used Node.js for building a scalable, robust backend. Node is perfect for writing server-side programs with ease. Moreover, it comes with a rich ecosystem of libraries for developing cutting-edge apps. Plus, it offers code reusability for increased developer efficiency.

We used Ionic for creating beautiful mobile frontends for both iOS and Android versions. Ionic comes with a powerful CLI and provides a bundle of UI/UX benefits essential for an interactive app.

We used the Microsoft Bot Framework to build and integrate the AI bot into the app. The Microsoft Bot Framework addresses a host of simultaneous user requests and runs them with consistency.

Next, we chose Azure Cosmos DB for delivering instant in-app messages. Azure’s globally distributed database system serves requests to the nearest region where the Cosmos DB is deployed. For the users, this means getting quicker responses from any part of the world.

To help users access specific content within the app, we integrated in-app purchasing (IAP) API for Android and iOS versions. This would allow the app owner to monetize the app through paid subscriptions.

Finally, we deployed the app to Azure because of its 24/7/365 availability. Azure also guarantees an average uptime of 99.99% across its cloud infrastructure, despite heavy usage.

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Capital Numbers carefully mapped out the entire development process step by step and intelligently implemented the above technologies to follow it through.

The final product is a high-quality, AI-based mobile app providing 24/7 support to new parents looking for expert advice on child care. Among our significant contributions that drove the success of this project were:

R&D Excellence

Capital Numbers leveraged its multi-year R&D expertise to understand the AI processes and integration points.

Microsoft Azure Bot Framework

With the help of the Microsoft Azure Bot SDK, we could ensure that the FAQ chatbot answers users’ queries without latency.

Custom Algorithm

We brought sophistication in bot replies by adding custom algorithms, for example:

  • Our Voice-to-Text algorithm translates audio messages into texts with accuracy.
  • Our Text-to-Voice algorithm converts texts into natural-sounding voices.

In-app Purchases for iOS and Android Users

We implemented in-app purchases for iOS and Android versions to help the app owner charge his users for premium content and process bills effortlessly.

Multimodal Capabilities

By infusing multimodal capabilities, we could make sure that the bot communicates with its intended audiences via:

  • Voice messages
  • Texts
  • Images
  • HTML files
  • Links


Material Design Expertise

Our deep knowledge of material design helped us create effective mobile layouts that engage users across platforms and devices.

100% Quality Delivery

We molded every component around the project’s needs to ensure a 100% quality delivery with no defects or disruptions.

Intelligent Intent Matching

Our AI assistant intelligently matches the most relevant intent to find personalized replies to user queries related to:

  • Baby food
  • Baby hygiene
  • Infant sleep cycles
  • Vaccines


Increased App Installs in Just Two Months

We are pleased to notice that our hyper-personalized bot has been well received by the market, with an impressive number of downloads in just two months.

Conversational AI Bot

By releasing this conversational AI app, Capital Numbers has helped many parents succeed in one of the most human of things: raising children. New parents can turn to this reliable go-to assistant for pro tips on holding, soothing, and nursing their newborns and toddlers.

We can proudly say that the AI capabilities we’ve integrated into the app help first-time parents feel a lot more confident about infant care today.

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