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Why Develop Android Apps?


Android is extensively popular for being an OS with open source code. This lets the developers download the source code for Android and customize the app as per their business requirements. Developers love Android because this OS allows them to integrate a broad array of third-party plugins and addons for app enhancements and improvisations.


Offering an easy integration of desired features, Android platform facilitates quicker app development and reduced time-to-market. Developers can easily create a feature-rich and scalable app, step it up with custom-built APIs packed into Android, and publish them on Google Play Store for release. This saves them effort, money and time, thereby, facilitating faster time-to-market.

Mashup Compatibility

Android apps offer mashup compatibility. A mashup is a combination of two or more services required to build an app. For example, developers can combine two services, such as location-based services and camera, to allow users to take photos with the exact location displayed on the image. By combining two libraries or services (i.e., gaming and geolocation, social network and geolocation, contact lists and maps, etc.), developers can easily create rich Android apps that are cutting-edge and user-friendly.

Device Compatibility

Android apps run seamlessly on multiple devices, screen resolutions and sizes, including tablets, watches, phones, and televisions. Developers simply need to provide configuration-specific app resources in static files, which enables the Android app to load relevant resources as per the current device configuration. The fact that Android apps run perfectly on multiple devices and screen sizes makes it one of the most popular operating systems worldwide.


Developers can easily port native Android apps, built with JavaScript, to other mobile operating systems such as Symbian, Blackberry, and Ubuntu. Migrating Android apps to Chrome OS and Windows 10 platforms is simple and hassle-free as well. The ease with which the codebase of Android apps can be ported to multiple platforms makes it one of the most highly preferred operating systems among the developers.

Market Share

IDC states that the worldwide market share of Android touched 87% in 2019. Clearly, the number of Android devices that get shipped across the globe is huge. In fact, the sale of Android devices is a lot higher than the sale of devices running on other mobile operating systems. The Google Play Store puts the Android apps directly into the hands of the users, which results in the big market share of Android on a global level.

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Android Services

development services including

Custom Android App Development

Interested to build customized Android apps? We can offer you diverse solutions to custom-build your app that runs seamlessly across all Android devices. Our certified Android developers have brilliantly created numerous custom apps for a mix of industry verticals within a short time. We’ve efficiently addressed specific business requirements of small and large companies using the latest Android SDKs.

Native Android App Development

We have substantial experience in leveraging Android Native Development Kit (NDK) for creating native apps for both SMEs and mature businesses. Right from performance optimization to integrations with newest technologies, our vetted Android programmers are deft at building responsive, intuitive and super-fast native Android apps that offer unmatched UI designs.

Hybrid Android App Development

We specialize in creating cost-efficient and scalable Android apps through the hybrid development approach that requires us to write code once for uninterrupted usage across multiple platforms. Our qualified Android developers are proficient with React Native and Ionic, the languages required to create hybrid apps. We’ve successfully delivered high-performing hybrid Android apps that come with multiple plugins, cross-platform support, code reusability and top-notch UX for our esteemed client base.

Android App UI/UX Design

Our extensive experience in UI/UX design has earned us a good repute among our clients. We’ve been consistently focused on creating reliable and power-packed Android apps that render awesome user experience. Our talented UI and UX team closely collaborates with you to help you visualize your Android app before the development process starts. We make sure you’re able to transform your innovative ideas into meaningful stories.

Android App Testing

Partner with us if you want bug-free app launches and higher app installs. We perform rigorous tests with emulators, simulators and other tools, and check its functionality, usability, and accessibility before they’re launched in the market. We check and remove all bugs that may otherwise hinder the operation. Our team of quality analysts work relentlessly to ensure your Android app runs smoothly across multiple devices without any technical glitch.

Android App Migration

We offer comprehensive porting and migration services, right from assessing your existing Android software to deploying it live on a new environment or platform. We ensure that the transition procedure causes zero impact to your day-to-day business operations or to your users. Our dedicated team is skilled at finding and implementing the right migration path that’s compatible with today’s technologies and upgrades.

Android App Support and Maintenance

Do you need someone to take care of your Android software and platforms? Talk to us in that case. We extend all kinds of app support that you need for your business success. Our experts offer Android app and security reviews, UI changes, upgrades, bug tracking, technology tweaks, user-side problem solving, and more. Let us offer the best-in-class support services for your Android apps, while you focus on your core business areas.

Hire Android Developers

Hire expert Android developers “On-Demand” and save time and money. Developers work as your extended team and save you 50% costs in the process.

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Industry Experience

Our team is specialized in a wide array of industry verticals

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We are a one-stop shop for your project, helping you at every stage of the entrepreneurial adventure - from crafting your idea, through design and development, up to product launch and scaling your business.

Small Businesses

Small and Mid-Sized businesses need top development skills for scaling their products. We set up dedicated teams that handle new features, maintenance, and scaling for you.


We help enterprise clients achieve better results, automate processes, and cut costs with solutions that bring actionable business insight and pave the way to scaling any business.

Software Companies

We know how difficult it is to source talent. We provide developer teams to support in-house resources or create interdisciplinary, self-reliant tech units to address your needs.

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Some Of Our Works


Workflow Solution for Australia’s Leading Digitization Company

Tech Stack: Laravel, Angular, Redis, Pusher, Gulp

They wanted to scale their production team in a cost-efficient way, and to ensure that the quality was up to standard for their government clients.

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Helping Life Happens with a Web App That Drives Financial Literacy

Tech Stack: Laravel, VueJS, CSS

This is a web app that helps insurance companies upload marketing/educational resources (e.g. flyers, brochures, videos, etc.) and drive financial literacy in society.

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How We Helped IDM With Data Collection and Reporting Tools

Tech Stack: Laravel, HTML, CSS

IDM wanted us to develop a responsive web application that would allow the users to update data and reports about oil-fields in real-time.

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Capital Numbers 5/ 5
Capital Numbers 5/ 5
Capital Numbers 5/ 5
Capital Numbers 5/ 5
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