How We Rescued a Client’s Project With Laravel

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Our Laravel Experts Were Able to Identify and Fix the Problem and Make the Client Profitable

This time, the client had outsourced to another company… and wound up with a broken website and a project stuck in development. So they hired us to fix everything.

The client, an experienced gambler, putting together a website where people go to get betting tips. Unfortunately, the project had stalled and was wasting valuable resources.

We analyzed the entire project and found that absolutely nothing on the front end was working. Structural deficiencies and incorrect usage of Laravel architecture had broken the site. It needed a complete overhaul.

So that’s exactly what we did.

We had a number of PHP experts on hand to quickly solve the problems our client was having. So we reconfigured the backend using Laravel, and developed the front end using a combination of Bootstrap and the frontend template architecture of Laravel 5.5.

We used HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Laravel 5.5, and MYSQL to complete this project, and we’re happy to say that the site is now fully functional and running smoothly.

It boasts a number of features that are currently making our client a significant amount of revenue, including paid subscription options and tutorials.

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