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9th Nov 2018 / Pushpal Mazumder / PHP

What is a Multivendor Marketplace? In simple terms, a multi-vendor marketplace is an online shopping platform where multiple sellers/vendors come together to sell either same or different products. The relationship between the sellers/vendors and buyers in such a platform is “many-to-many”. This helps the buyers to select from a diverse range of products and plays … Read Full Article

24th Aug 2018 / Capital Numbers / PHP

You Might Want to Build in Enterprise Languages Like Java, But PHP is a Better Option. Here’s Why: You face a difficult choice. Building a minimum viable product is the very first step toward an enormously successful business of scale. It’s the very first step towards putting something in the market and getting feedback. On … Read Full Article

16th Apr 2018 / Capital Numbers / PHP

Our Laravel Experts Were Able to Identify and Fix the Problem and Make the Client Profitable This time, the client had outsourced to another company… and wound up with a broken website and a project stuck in development. So they hired us to fix everything. The client, an experienced gambler, putting together a website where … Read Full Article

24th Jan 2018 / Capital Numbers / PHP

Why the Necessary Task of Hiring a Developer is Less Complex, and Less Costly, Than You Might Think Why Do I Need This Guide? Can’t I just go on a freelancing site and post a job offer? No. Don’t do that. Hiring a web developer is an exercise in careful selection and trust. In fact, … Read Full Article

10th Aug 2017 / Sheree Krause / PHP

PHP can be defined as a programming language that is predominantly used for web development. It is mainly a server-side scripting language that can also be used as a programming language for general purposes. PHP is the recursive abbreviation of Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP developers across the globe can build website frameworks, web content management systems, … Read Full Article

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