6 Gems Tucked Away In Laravel PHP Framework

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Anyone aspiring to develop custom software is sure to find the Laravel PHP Framework beneficial. The recent reviews have been most encouraging with 56,000 consumers all across the USA, as well as the world being completely bowled over by its powerful features.

Laravel comes with a broad range of features and capabilities, that makes it highly popular among the developers. Laravel’s built-in tools make the job of a website developer much easier via the unique solutions provided for every issue that may arise during development. Here are six reasons that make the framework essential. Do check them out:

  1. Authorization & Authentication Systems – Just about every website owner remains anxious about unauthorized entry and stealing of data. Laravel has managed to make the process of implementation of the authorization elements simple and instantly usable. The underlying logic is organized without much effort, with the resources being controlled wisely for gaining access to the website.
  2. High-performing Apps – Creating applications is no doubt important while developing a website, but the Apps need to be exceedingly fast to load to enhance profitability. The developer needs to think about integration with the caching backend for accentuating the performance of the web application, as well. Laravel supports several cache backends that are most sought after today. Besides, it also makes use of file cache drivers for the storage of cached objects within the system. While most developers are eager to employ an in-memory cache for storing more significant applications, Laravel makes it possible to configure multiple caches simultaneously.
  3. Handling Errors & Exceptions – The standard practice for a software application user is to give up using the concerned App for good when he/she confronts errors and exceptions repeatedly. This is often found in forms containing data that needs to be submitted with a click. While most of these issues arise due to incorrect data submission, a consumer is reluctant to admit it and blames the application instead. The right way to tackle this and retain the customer would be to provide accurate information and highlight the error so that it becomes evident. Laravel has already upgraded its design by configuring error & exception handling perfectly. Moreover, it has also been integrated with the Monolog logging library, thereby making it easier for the ones checking the log.
  4. URL Routing – The consumers usually visit a particular web application page by clicking on the link or typing the URL. Unfortunately, many users are accosted with a blank webpage or an error message. This occurs due to the absence of an effective URL routing. Laravel makes use of a simple yet robust method of routing that is defined by app or HTTP routes.php that gets loaded via the framework instantly.
  5. Task Scheduling – Laravel’s Task Scheduling feature lets developers manage scheduled tasks effortlessly. The best part about Laravel is that it offers a highly expressive command scheduler and the developers need to add only a single cron entry on the server to create all the scheduled tasks. This helps in reducing time, effort and complexity.
  6. Automated TestingTesting software is indispensable for understanding the bugs and crashes that may occur while running it. Laravel has made the process more comfortable as it comes with a PHP unit that is preset for web Apps.

There are several more advantages of using the Laravel PHP Framework that helps the web developer to fulfill the needs of the client. If you have any specific advantages in mind, please feel free to share them in the comments below.


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