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1st Nov 2018 / Capital Numbers / Outsourcing

Everyone knows the advantages of outsourcing development — especially speed and lower costs… But do you also know the hidden disadvantages? Some outsourcing agencies still have problems ensuring quality and streamlining project management. Avoid these, because they could cause delays and complications which destroy any of outsourcing’s main advantages. But on the other hand, outsourcing … Read Full Article

17th Sep 2018 / Capital Numbers / Outsourcing

You might have heard that outsourcing your development is a difficult, painful process. And, like any true entrepreneur or exec, you relish the thought of getting your hands dirty: fighting through obstacles, overcoming challenges, and grinding away at your goal. After all, who could possibly want an easy, painless process, free of setbacks or delays? … Read Full Article

6th Apr 2018 / Capital Numbers / Outsourcing

Outsourcing your projects to a highly-skilled remote team can instantly transform your business into a profitable, high-functioning machine that brings you sales and revenue like clockwork. No more going over budget. No more worrying that you can’t compete with the “heavy hitters” in your space. By finding the right outsourcing partner, you become the heavy … Read Full Article

15th Sep 2017 / Mukul Gupta / Outsourcing

It’s finally time! So over the last week or so, I’ve been writing about all the ways that using an outside tester can make your life so much easier. That includes: ●  Saving you time. ●  Saving you money. ●  Reduce your stress from outsourcing. ●  Improve customer satisfaction. ●  Get things right the first … Read Full Article

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