6 Reasons Why Offshore Software Development is a Strategic Advantage

Earlier, several companies held an outdated view that offshore software development is primarily about cost-cutting rather than global expertise. Today, with travel restrictions forced by the pandemic, companies have realized that offshoring isn’t only about finding the right price. It’s also about finding the right skills.

Owing to the availability of skills, India is the most attractive destination for offshore software development today. India is a highly preferred outsourcing destination compared to China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. (Source: Statista Report, 2021)

Especially in the last 12 months that saw the unforeseen, several companies have relied on India that proved to be an oasis of top resources. When large-scale lockdowns were announced globally, several companies heavily banked on offshore developers from India. Those that turned to offshore teams were in a better position to sprint forward and stay nimble.

Moreover, new customer demands spurred by the pandemic urged many companies to adopt new technologies. This further led companies to count on offshore teams comprising high-value specialists who know their tech intimately.

Recent reports suggest that the top three sectors that will continue to invest heavily in offshore development are:

Information Technology Healthcare Fintech
Cloud Computing is likely to reach US$760 Billion by 2027. (Source: Fortune Business Insights) Medical technology will reach US$10 Trillion in 2022. (Source: Deloitte) Almost 3 Billion global users will have access to online banking within the next few months. (Source: Deloitte)

Looking at the huge benefits of offshore development, several companies consider outsourcing a strategic advantage. We’ve collated six of those benefits to help you understand better:

6 Reasons Why Offshore Software Development is a Strategic Advantage

  • Highly-skilled Developer PoolThe primary reason why companies consider offshore development a strategic advantage today is because they could get instant access to global talent proficient in emerging tech. Especially in this post-pandemic landscape, companies are casting a wider net for top talent worldwide. Of course, companies still need to tap into the right agencies from offshore locations. But, at least they can choose their desired skillsets from a highly vetted developer pool.
  • Quick Upscaling and DownsizingCompanies also realized that incorporating a dedicated, offshore team is a profitable option for scalability. By adding skilled offshore developers to existing teams, companies can save time training new hires. They can quickly scale their teams to support growth. If they need to adjust their budget, they can downsize to eliminate extra overheads.
  • Improved Product QualityAll companies look to pivot in practical ways to improve product quality. Relying on offshore teams is an advantage in this case. Offshore teams have specialized talent who have already delivered hundreds of projects. They have industry-proven metrics to measure product quality. In addition, dedicated offshore teams regularly check code issues. This ensures superior quality and smooth run time.
  • Faster Time-to-marketReducing time-to-market is key to success for any company. In-house development requires lengthy recruitments and research on best practices. In contrast, offshore teams implement tried-and-tested methods to ship products faster. They iterate using time-boxed development cycles to ensure faster product releases without hampering the quality.
  • Better Risk ManagementBy collaborating with offshore teams, companies can manage risks better. This is because offshore agencies undertake comprehensive data protection measures. They put risk-mitigation processes in place. Their well-documented contracts guarantee cyber security. This rules out chances of data loss and paves the way for safer software development methods.
  • Reduced Liabilities and CostsCompanies often feel burdened with the pressures of creating a well-oiled team. It can feel like walking a tightrope. This is when hiring an offshore team can be cost-effective. The offshore team can manage staffing, roadmaps, quality levels, ramp-up periods, budgeting, and team setup. This helps companies focus on their core business tasks while their outsourcing partner handles the rest.

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