How to Make the Most of Your Staff Augmentation Needs?

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There are times when you’re faced with roadblocks in your software development process because you miss the vital skill sets necessary to release your product. One of the most effective solutions, in this case, is to incorporate staff augmentation into your workflow.

Understanding Staff Augmentation

The staff augmentation process involves adding software developers with specialized skills to your existing team. This collaborative approach allows innovative solutions to come through, resulting in market-ready products.

If you want to augment staff, first, you need to identify the primary skills required for your project. Comparing these findings to your current software team will reveal the gaps. Once you understand the knowledge silos, you can add team members with the required expertise to reach your goals.

Benefits of Hiring Staffing Partners

While some companies hire staffing partners to bring in new team members at the beginning of their project, others add members during the final development stages. Either way, companies benefit because they get flexible access to required talent – at a low cost.

Experts believe companies will continue to rely on external staffing partners to augment their teams, especially post COVID. Bringing in pre-vetted developers from external agencies saves time and money. There are no training, onboarding, HR processing, medical insurances, or employee retention practices required. Qualified developers could be hired from eternal agencies and downsized when needed. Whereas keeping a full-scale team of salaried in-house developers can take a toll on profit. The cost-advantage of hiring staffing partners is enormous, and companies look to leverage this opportunity to maximize their ROI fully.

If you, too, want to hire external talent to extend your dev teams, consider the following pointers to make the most of your staffing needs:

How to Make the Most of Your Staff Augmentation Needs?

  • Foster Open CommunicationAs per Salesforce, 86% of executives cite the lack of effective communication as the primary cause of project failures. So, openly communicate your strategy, limitations, and corporate culture when signing a contract with your IT staffing partner. Use tools like Slack, Hangouts, Skype, or Trello to exchange ideas. The more you foster open communication, the less likely you are to make mistakes down the road.
  • Define Your Core ValuesIt’s essential that you define the core values of your business and set your expectations right. Once your external developers know your project’s principles, it becomes easier for them to fit into your vision and be a part of your team. If your development workflow is in place, it becomes even more straightforward for your partner to fill vacancies during peak times.
  • Leverage Project Management ToolsUse project management tools like Asana, JIRA, Basecamp, etc., to get the most out of your extended dev team. They help you track project progress at each software development stage. You can also use AI-based tools to manage sprints, evaluate team performance, and streamline complaint management (e.g., ZipAlert). They can help you get a 360° view of your team’s productivity and centralize your tasks effectively.
  • Be FlexibleAdopt Agile and Waterfall methods to enable your extended teams to work seamlessly. These processes encourage flexibility. Your augmented staff can use these methods to iterate methodically, adjust to changes, and speed up software releases. According to a McKinsey & Company report, 93% of business units that adopted Agile before the COVID had outperformed those that hadn’t.
  • Encourage Documentation-driven DevelopmentAlways encourage documentation-driven development that works for everyone, including your augmented staff. By using tools such as GitHub, BitBucket, SourceForge, GitLab, etc., you can let your teams document and keep all their codes handy. If you choose to expand your team in the future, which may require you to pass the code, it should be a breeze for your new team members to find the documentation, plugin and continue work.

Why Hire Capital Numbers for Your Staff Augmentation?

With a team of 600+ tech architects and software developers, Capital Numbers can meticulously augment your team. We can align you with tested and handpicked talent. We can also let you exclusively evaluate your hires from our pool of engineers to compose the best team that you want. With us, you can cut costs at various levels as opposed to you onboarding full-time employees. Given here is a table to help you understand better:

Factors Staff Augmentation with Capital Numbers Full-time Employees
Start time 0-2 weeks 1-3 months
Access to Niche Talent Yes Hard to find
Extra Overheads Nil High
Pre-vetted Yes No
Pricing Hourly Salary
Commitment Short-term or Long-term Permanent

Plus, we consistently implement risk mitigation strategies to preserve your peace of mind.

So, get in touch, and we’ll fill your resource gaps with best-fit hires to ensure the continuity of your desired workflow.


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