Top 6 Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Back in 2010, hiring dedicated development teams for software projects was a rage. Fast forward to 2020, and dedicated teams have once again become a key to post-crisis survival.

Experts believe that the total revenue of IT outsourcing is likely to reach US$351 Billion in 2021 (Source: Statista). Looking at the market potential, companies are contracting dedicated teams for their IT needs even more. Today, hiring dedicated remote developers has become a practice for tech companies and those without prior IT experience.

Dedicated teams help cut costs. They also offer tremendous flexibility for businesses to thrive against odds. A well-performing dedicated team is not just an extension of a client’s team. It’s also a self-supporting business unit that manages everything IT, from product ideation, development, release to support.

With most businesses seeking niche talent at affordable rates post-pandemic, hiring a dedicated dev team has become a favorable prospect for many. Mid-sized companies and startups are increasingly turning to dedicated remote developers who can capitalize on new ideas and deliver on budget. They are looking for agility and expertise – the kind that skilled, dedicated teams provide.

Experts believe that companies that will hire dedicated remote developers in this current climate will be at an advantage in terms of skills, costs, flexibility, etc. We’ve compiled six key reasons to highlight the competitive advantage of hiring dedicated developers from external agencies:

Top 6 Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Developers

  1. Diverse and Skilled WorkforceHiring a diverse and skilled developer pool from an external agency can bring in diverse viewpoints in software development. Given the shift to remote work, companies can cast a wider net to get quick access to pre-vetted developers globally today. This makes for innovative solutions from diverse mindsets, which may not be possible with locally sourced talent.
  2. Established InfrastructureDedicated teams have all the necessary tools, software, and hardware components in place. They also offer established processes, certifications, quality management, data privacies, etc. As a result, companies that hire dedicated teams can get easy access to ready-made IT infrastructure. Moreover, companies can save themselves from added overheads otherwise involved in in-house development.
  3. Added FlexibilityOften, companies may not need the same level of staffing throughout the year. In such cases, they can hire dedicated developers temporarily to augment their team size before the busy season. After the busy season, companies can cut down on resources and switch back to their existing team size – thereby gaining immense flexibility as per their business needs.
  4. Reduced Turnaround TimeMinimizing time to market is the key to success. Often in-house teams may not have resources to reduce this time, especially if the project demands niche expertise. This is when dedicated developers with relevant expertise prove beneficial because they can tap into their domain knowledge to help companies hit the market with the desired product – fast.
  5. Increased Cost-efficiencyWith remote dedicated developers, companies can dramatically slash costs and liabilities. Significant expenses like payrolls, pensions, medical coverages, etc., could all be negated. Companies can employ their dedicated teams hourly, mold their services for as many days as required, and end all obligations once the contract ends.
  6. Guaranteed ResultsComplex software projects impose multiple challenges. A one-size-fits-all solution may not work in such cases. Hiring dedicated developers well versed in cutting-edge tech can leverage well-defined development methods to tackle such challenges. Dedicated teams can leverage methodologies like Agile or Scrum to deliver guaranteed results, reducing chances of risks from slim to none.

Dedicated Team Model at Capital Numbers

If you want to digitally transform your business with the help of dedicated software developers, reach out to Capital Numbers. By becoming a Capital Numbers partner, you can experience each of the above benefits and take on more significant challenges at affordable costs. Here’s how our dedicated team model works:

Initial Discussion

We engage in discussions with the client to understand the technical challenges, define the strategy, and decide on the dedicated team size.

Candidate Mapping

We tap into our skilled developer pool to screen and match the exact candidate that would be the best fit for your project.

Full Transparency

We assign the dedicated team and provide the clients complete visibility into the teams’ daily workflows and activities.

On-demand Scalability

As per the growth plan or ad-hoc requirements, we scale the team size up and down to best suit your business needs.

Plus, we value loyal business partnerships, so we go that extra mile to meet your project specifics efficiently.

Drop us a line for a FREE consultation today. Our experts will reach out to you to help you get the ball rolling without delay.


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