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11th Apr 2016 / admin / HTML5

I can’t predict the future of HTML5 technologies. But one thing’s for sure when it comes to website development: if you don’t understand the impacts of HTML5 best practices on the quality of sites you’ll be developing, then you’ll be left in the dust. A website isn’t great if it doesn’t promote your organization’s bottom … Read Full Article

21st Dec 2015 / admin / CN NewsPress Release

Capital Numbers’ commitment to leading the profession in digital production and digital marketing has been recognized with CII’s prestigious “Top 10 Promising Startups”, for its demonstrated dedication to innovation and development of leading-edge service model to transform digital production services. CII Industrial Innovation Awards is the recognition & celebration of innovative Indian enterprises across industry … Read Full Article

28th Oct 2015 / admin / Web Design

Have you ever thought why fonts are so vitally important? Yes, you read it right – choosing the right font is one of the most critical tasks of a designer. Think about the way you dress-up. Based on what you wear, people assume your sense of style, your age, your personality. Clothes leave the strongest … Read Full Article

5th Oct 2015 / admin / Web Design

A website is considered great following its usefulness, relevancy and user friendly design. Every web project is different and hence it must be treated in its unique depending upon its service offering or products and its target market. But, there are some basic design principles that are universal to all websites. Abhijit Sarkar heads the … Read Full Article