Valentine’s Day: Why Choosing Your Outsourcing Partner Is Just Like a Date?
This is How You Can Reduce Cost through Outsourcing
How Outsourcing Will Help Your Business To Grow Faster

Valentine’s Day: Why Choosing Your Outsourcing Partner Is Just Like a Date?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it is easy to feel the love in the air. Business operations are nothing less than love as both are complex and need your attention. Needless to say, both business and love are rewarding. You can express your love for your business by choosing the right outsourcing partner. Outsourcing allows you to get the benefits of skilled professionals without even the hassles of hiring them. As love fills you with content, outsourcing also does the same by providing high-quality work at reduced cost resulting in increased profits. Choosing your outsourcing partner can be just as confusing as planning a date for your Valentine. Here are some similarities between the two and some tips to select your outsourcing partner.

A Match Made in Heaven

Just like choosing a life partner, choosing a partner for business operations should also be a match made in heaven. When you are choosing an outsourcing company, you must make sure that the company is a fit for the needs of your company. They should offer the exact set of services that your business needs, neither more nor less. This is to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. For example, if you only want SEO service, you should not be forced to pay for other services that you don’t need but must take as there is no other option. This also means that the SEO service that you choose should be complete and beneficial for you.

You Complete My World

The outsourcing partner you select should be the answer to all your requirements. An outsourcing company must provide you quality work that helps your business to grow. The company you choose should be reliable and genuine. A company that has been around for a longer period of time and has experience in handling projects is a better choice than one that has just been established. An experienced team is also an important deciding factor.  You should research the company to verify whether they have been consistent with their quality and meeting deadlines.

I Can Always Count on You

If you can count on your outsourcing partner and you know that your partner is always there to watch your back, life is a little easier. An essential reason to have an outsourcing company that understands your business and risks involved and helps in the growth of your business.  Apart from maintaining quality and delivering output on time, your outsource partner should also be ready to handle any sort of emergency situations. If you choose the right outsourcing company, you will know what they are capable of.  Make certain you choose a company that has highly qualified and experienced professionals who know their job.

Many outsourcing companies do not have a transparent payment structure. A good outsourcing company lets you know their work procedures and rate structure. This ensures you are not paying extra money in the form of hidden costs or useless jobs.

No One Understand Me Like You Do

A good outsourcing company maintains a great level of communication.  The team members that handle your project must interact with you throughout the procedure. This helps you to keep track of how your work is being done, who is doing the work and how much work is left. It also facilitates better delegation of responsibilities and sets up a level of accountability for those working on the project.  

A reliable outsourcing company gives you advice on the amount of work your business might need and answer all your queries. A well-established outsourcing company has staff that can communicate well in English.

You Treat Me Like I Am the Only One in the World

Last, but not least, your outsourcing partner should value the needs of your business as client satisfaction should be their prime objective.  A good outsourcing service provider customizes their services to meet the needs of the client. They support the client from the order to the finish and even beyond that.

These are all points that you consider while choosing an outsourcing partner. A good partner is beneficial for your business and this relationship is the perfection that will last forever.

This is How You Can Reduce Cost through Outsourcing

Outsource to Reduce Your Spending

Outsource to Reduce Your Spending

Outsourcing gives the most competitive advantage to a business by reducing cost. While choosing an outsourcing partner, although quality remains a top priority, but low cost is often considered of high importance.

Companies outsource when they are expanding team r have acquired a project for which they do not have the right skills in house. For a small or mid level company partnering up with a company that demand high price becomes unaffordable. Thus, the demand for companies that offer remote hiring services at low cost grew. India remains one of the top preferred outsourcing destinations of the world owing to its high quality work at low cost. It captured the world market and is remains as the largest outsourcing destination.

In the time of economic slowdown cost stands as the major factor for outsourcing. While comparing the spending between hiring full time employees and outsourcing, the later wins hands on by reducing direct cost.

Immediate benefits
Outsourcing gives the flexibility to choose the number of resources you need for a specific time as per your requirements. There is no upfront cost thus helping you to save money. You don’t need to invest on infrastructure and save solid on financial basis. Further, skilled human resources bring in great advantages the top being the knowledge that they add to your team.

Medium-term benefits
Consider you have earned a great project that involves a lot of complexities and requires a long time to complete. You may hire full time developers and only pay for the amount of hours they work. At any point of time you have the flexibility to add new members to the team or reduce your team size as per your work flow.

Long-term benefits
While there are immediate benefits of outsourcing, you should also consider its long term benefits – and that’s, if not anything else, more. Considering the progress plan of your business, it is ideal to partner up with a service provider who you have worked with before. You find it easy to communicate to with the team. Since you have worked with them before, you already know the team’s strengths and weaknesses and exactly know to put which member where. Moreover, you have complete transparency of their working procedure which saves you a lot of time hence money.

Invisible Benefits
By outsourcing your part of work for which you do not have in-house skills, you bring in fresh knowledge and skills from your partner company. You do not have to spend time over screening candidates as your partner company has already done the job for you. You also do not have to worry about deadline of your project and you have all the time to concentrate on growing your business.

How Outsourcing Will Help Your Business To Grow Faster

Your business will grow faster only when you divide your time between your core business activities and your non-core business functions with diligence. Today, outsourcing is one of the most sought after options and a top business trend for small and large businesses alike. Over the past decade, the growing amount of outsourcing work have made it a tried-and-tested model and is widely accepted as a long term strategy for success. If you are asking yourself the following questions then its time for you to outsource a part of your work:

  • Are we able to keep our spending low?
  • Do we have the right resources to work on cutting edge technologies?
  • Do I have the budget to hire the right resources for a new project?
  • Is there a more agile, more effective method to handle processes?
  • Does our company have the right player with operational expertise to do a task assigned?

Why outsourcing is essential for your business growth? A study on few companies sites the following reasons for outsourcing work:

Controlling Operational Costs
Hire the right resources for your company at competitive cost from countries like India. The processes you outsource will be delivered at a much lower cost than hiring resources from US. This will help you to do major cost savings for your business. You further end up saving your revenues on operations like administration, HR, payroll and overall employee overhead cost.

Lower Investment on Infrastructure
No investment on new infrastructure as you are not hiring any resources at your office location. There is a drastic cost cutting on expensive infrastructural requisites like laptops or desktops, licensed software, work desks, internet connections, IT systems, office rent, electricity and so on. These can turn out to be huge investments to companies when the team grows.

More Focus to Your Core Business Functions
By outsourcing parts of your project process, you can put more focus on your core business and use your internal resources for more critical activities of the organization. By outsourcing your work such as converting a PSD file to HTML, designing and developing your ecommerce portal, developing a mobile app for your business or developing a web application using drupal, php, NodeJS and so on, you can focus on more important things like sales.

Get Work Done Using New Technology
You have a project that demands to be completed using new technologies and none in your organization have the know-how of it. Outsource it to a company who has the efficiency to handle the project successfully. The project will be of higher quality, completed in lesser time and at a lower cost.

Avoid Downturn of Work During Holiday Seasons
You have a project to deliver and half of your employees are on a leave during the holiday season. You might have faced this many times. By outsourcing your work to a remote hiring company you can avoid such disasters. There will be no seasonal fluctuation of work and your projects will be dealt with full commitment.

No More Talent Shortage
Outsourcing work to a remote hiring company brings an end to the talent shortage that you may be facing. Currently countries like UK and US are are going through an increased demand for right skills. Hence hiring skilled professionals on contractual basis from countries like India can reduce your problem to a large extent.

Today most organizations are outsourcing their overflow of work to companies that offer remote hiring services. Time and again outsourcing has been proven as the most effective way to reduce operational cost and get higher quality work. Further you get an access to work with highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Now that we discussed the advantages of outsourcing, we will talk about the difference between hiring a freelancer and partnering up with a company that offer “Managed Outsourcing Services” in the 2nd part of this post.

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