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Why R?

Open Source

R is available under the Free Software Foundation’s GNU General Public License. It has tremendous support from the developer and academic community. The broad uptake ensures that researchers use R to implement their latest ideas and algorithms.


R succeeds due to the comparative ease in which it links with various data sources and other programming languages. Several enterprise intelligence systems and statistical reporting platforms now offer R connectivity is part of their offering.

Great Reporting

The ease at which high-quality graphics can be created and written to a multitude of devices has seen R set the standard for graphical reporting.

Big-data compliant

R is born to be a powerful and versatile tool to work on every type of data, on every infrastructure. Thanks to R, we realize projects with big data, with NoSQL databases, distributed file systems, and technologies like Spark. Choosing R, a company projects itself in the future of business intelligence.

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Shiny Apps & Dashboards Development

We create, maintain, and develop Shiny applications for enterprise customers from all around the world. Some services we provide:

  • Support of full-stack engineers (from setting up a shiny server to UX optimization)
  • Dashboard development & data science consulting
  • Machine learning
  • Advanced statistical models

R Application Development And Maintenance

We help find creative solutions to business problems with a combination of math, business, technology, and to effectively communicate the story behind the data. Also, If you already have an application running and need help with its ongoing development, then Capital Numbers is an ideal choice for you.

Data Analysis

We can help you with Wrangling data from multiple sources and draw presentable facts and figures from datasets to predict past trends, early failure, and forecast future possibilities.

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Industry Experience

Our team is specialized in a wide array of industry verticals

  • ISVs & Product

  • Digital & Marketing

  • Banking &

  • Retail &

  • Healthcare

  • Education and

  • Logistics &

  • Media &

  • Automotive

  • Travel &

  • Technology

  • Publishing &

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Talented Team Of Experts


R Developer

Rushita is an avid follower of technology and a skilled professional with deep industry knowledge on Python, R, MongoDB, Django REST Framework.


R Developer

Innovative, competent and resourceful, Jayanta is proficient with Python, R, Django, AWS, Git, JavaScript.


R Developer

Equipped with cutting-edge technical knowledge, Atanu has extensive experience in Web Scraping, R, Python, PostgreSQL, Selenium.


R Developer

With an in-depth knowledge of Python, R, jQuery, Spark, AWS, Prasanta is a professional who loves working on challenging projects.

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We are a one-stop shop for your project, helping you at every stage of the entrepreneurial adventure - from crafting your idea, through design and development, up to product launch and scaling your business.

Small Businesses

Small and Mid-Sized businesses need top development skills for scaling their products. We set up dedicated teams that handle new features, maintenance, and scaling for you.


We help enterprise clients achieve better results, automate processes, and cut costs with solutions that bring actionable business insight and pave the way to scaling any business.

Software Companies

We know how difficult it is to source talent. We provide developer teams to support in-house resources or create interdisciplinary, self-reliant tech units to address your needs.

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Capital Numbers 5/ 5
Capital Numbers 5/ 5
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