Ten Industries that Profit from Hiring Remote Developers

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With the rise of IT and software development, companies need to have tech developers. A proficient tech developer is desired by many companies but the local pool of talent may not provide the needed. Hence it becomes very important for businesses to look outside the local market and engage with remote developers. Hiring a remote developer is a cost-saving and efficient idea. To ensure companies get such a worker, technology helps with all its connectivity to the remote. This works for some industries as best since these industries earn profit much more than their cost of production due to the same. This makes the idea of outsourcing as providing significant benefits.

1) Gaming and Mobile Apps
The business of gaming and mobile apps is a blooming one and if you happen to be one of the owners of such a company you have to have a good talent for game developers. Not all app developers are as proficient in developing gaming apps hence it’s important to find the right kind of talent. Remote outsourcing increases the chances of finding good game developers anywhere in the world. Same goes on with the mobile app developers; you can hire a remote developer and deliver the product at less cost. The startups can avail this option. This can be the best option as it cuts the cost and gets your app developed quickly.

2) Web Design and Development
Small in-house teams that lead in web design and development companies can easily hire a remote developer. Doing so is very practical and as easy as a remote developer can deliver a good product to the company without being an in-house team member.
Skilled developers who build websites using CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal and Sitecore become the supply of all that is in demand. Web developers who have experience of developing an e-commerce website are also welcomed by such companies and remote developers perform these jobs well.

3) Software Development
Software development firms have always worked with outsourced developers. To them, this idea is nothing new. The idea has proved to be quite well in the past where many software firms have delivered good work with remote developers on board. Remote developers of software companies that provide SaaS platforms, develop open source s that sell ERP or CRM, have strong experience in system and bespoke app development. This experience of remote developers is a pool where many software firms extract their goal orientated work.

4) Market Research
$45 billion in revenue each year produced by the global market research industry is a good target of software firms specializing in developing market research tools. These companies look for remote developers, developing apps which process a lot of data. What market research apps do is that they can take in worldwide data to produce a right report on the same. A remote developer can easily develop such an app and launch these apps to give this industry what it requires the most.

5) Data Services
Data services also look out for the developers who can work around data. Data services need remote developers to develop apps that can provide worldwide data. Such apps play an important role to hold data services strong and running. Data services hire remote developers where the cost of developing such an app becomes less and the data which is provided generates good revenue. Some of these services include data scraping, data mining, data cleansing, and data analysis. Developers having the experience of working with data warehouses are much in demand in these companies.

6) Creative and Design Services
Design studios that provide the services of creative design like graphic art design or other components of design look out for remote developers to develop the tools for the same.
The websites that provide free website making embedded in designing, tools, and apps require the work of remote developers in these domains. As such they harbor on front-end developers, skilled in UI/UX and with a good sense of creativity.

7) Marketing and Advertising Services
Companies offering brand and online marketing services have their own portal for advertising. These advertising portals are developed by developers that have the skills for developing such a portal in order to target the right public for the same. Marketing and advertising companies have a lot of work to deliver like branding, mass marketing and so on. Such works are made easy when they hire remote developers and take the burden off by having the right portal. Developers who have experience in building web apps in established tech stack are considered fit for this industry.

8) Media
Just like the companies offering advertising and marketing services, media has to offer its services to a larger audience. For this reason, they hire developers who can work in cutting-edge tech. JavaScript developers having knowledge of new frameworks and backend stack like Node.js are hired by media tech firms. Media also needs a portal that can produce and give continuous work related to many of the popular topics.
The developer, hence, needs to develop a website that can handle so much of data, processes it as well as keep updating the new information. These websites cannot run the risk of being stagnant hence remote developers can pay attention to the needs of developing such websites. This is another important reason for media companies to hire skilled developers.

9) Online Education
So many people yearning to get educated or get certificate education to brush up their skills are making education industry to soar high. With such an extensive demand and availability of technology education industry is using online spaces to provide more knowledge. For online education to run smoothly, these companies oftentimes hire remote developers. These developers are able to provide quality websites and help education website reach their target. E-learning firms actively looking for developers who have experience in building learning management systems.

10) Hospitality
Hospitality and hotels need good developers to develop the tools which cater their customers. They need portals where the check-ins, check-outs, booking etc. can be made easy. For that to happen a developer needs to focus on portals that can sign-up these customers and provide information about tariff availability and so on. The remote developers are handy to develop such portals, especially the developers that are experienced in developing a networking tech.


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