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18th Dec 2018 / Capital Numbers / WordPress

Here’s what that means for you in 2019 Between 1440 and 1450, a German entrepreneur named Johannes Gutenberg invented a machine which would come to be known as the printing press. This press made the process of printing so fast, easy, and effective, that it would revolutionize communication worldwide for the next 500 years. In … Read Full Article

5th Dec 2017 / Capital Numbers / WordPress

Can WordPress support an enterprise-level business? Enterprise organizations usually encompass several different organizations or offices with their own objectives and budgets. Operating on a national or multinational scale, these organizations handle a significant amount of traffic. So they need a scalable, adaptable, and robust web presence. While there are a few exceptions to the rule, … Read Full Article

28th Nov 2017 / Capital Numbers / WordPress

What Changes Have Been Made in WordPress 4.9, and How Can They Help You? Let’s Take a Look: WordPress just rolled out version 4.9, “Tipton.” Clients and developers are both sure to find WP 4.9 a marked improvement over previous versions. There’s a lot to be said about these new changes, and it may take … Read Full Article

16th Aug 2017 / Sheree Krause / WordPress

WordPress has taken the internet by storm in the recent years. These days, almost all big brands rely on WordPress for developing SEO friendly websites. The internet is dominated by hundreds of content management systems – Drupal, Joomla, and Magento, to name just a few. Going by the figures, WordPress alone is responsible for shaping … Read Full Article

7th May 2017 / Sourav Roy / WordPress

A popular server-side scripting and general-purpose programming language today, PHP, was originally created by a Danish-Canadian programmer named Rasmus Lerdorf. Although the stable release of PHP only happened on April 12, 2017, it has been around for twenty-one years, as it was first developed in 1994. There are many benefits that  PHP offer. The PHP … Read Full Article

As a vast majority of shoppers initiate a search online before making a purchase, it has become very important for small businesses to have an online presence. With a website and little bit of online marketing, small businesses stand a fair chance to compete against the bigger businesses. Many small businesses have understood the importance … Read Full Article

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