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Why Should Agencies Trust WordPress?

In an increasingly competitive digital marketing world, the success and failure of a business is closely linked to the success of its website and online presence. Reaching out to customers is more effective by way of virtual stores rather than by footfalls in actual retail outlets. Websites can also serve as the best tool to …

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Here’s how you put that extra bolt in your WordPress Security

They say disruptions level the ground for the big and small players, and speaking of disruptions in the digital marketing space, WordPress definitely deserves a mention. The free Content Management System, with 2000+ themes and 27000+ plugins, has made creating an awesome website as easy as a DIY project for website developers and bloggers. No …

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12 Essential WordPress Plugin for Small Business Blogs

While creating a WordPress Blog for their business, small businesses need to keep in mind that no matter how good their blog is, it must be found via search engines. The best way to make it happen is by using some significant as well as available plugins in their blog. Here are few such plugins, …

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