Can a Startup Be Successful If the Team Is Completely Remote?

This is the age of startups with numerous companies launching daily. Startups have not only provided a boost to the economy but have also reversed the way of doing business altogether. The success of many startups has proven that money is not a factor when you have the right talent and creativity paired with innovative ideas.

Startups are never apprehensive of a slow economy, a daunting topic for large enterprises. Instead, some of the most successful startups have been launched in times of economic turmoil.  Surviving, and even thriving, through difficult times, they’ve emerged successfully. In addition to supporting the economy and providing new directions for business operations, startups have given us an even more valuable asset by redefining the way we work. While many IT giants are deciding to restrict the remote working scenario due to fears, which are not based in reason, startups are the living example of how remote working can be a great success. A startup requires a decent amount of hard work, dedication and time in order to survive in the market. In a competitive market, employees and professionals typically have to put in even more time and work.

Successful startup companies understand that they need to move beyond traditional ways of working in order to achieve their goals. Remote working is beneficial for startups for this reason and much more. With virtual team management and technologically advanced work management tools that allow companies to get better control of remote working teams, remote working has become the logical choice. Here are some points to prove that, not only is the remote working team a profitable option, but it is also the best option.

Cost Effective

The primary concern of a startup is to keep their costs at a minimum. It is very necessary for a startup to count all their costs and to avoid any kind of unnecessary expenses. Most startups begin their journey without an office or they operate from home offices. Thus, they work with remote teams in order to be productive. This enables the founders to avoid investment in infrastructure until they are profitable and better established. Remote teams are the solution for the lean startup.

Best of Talent

Startups need a skilled, experienced and talented team of people to facilitate growth. When you’re working with a remote team of professionals, you can connect with talented and creative professionals that add to your business through their innovative ideas. This is possible because the workplace moves out of the physical office into a digital arena and allows the companies to reach out to talented people from different cities as well as different countries. There is another factor that contributes to this benefit. When companies offer an opportunity to work from home, or any other place away from the office, there is an abundance of talented professionals who will apply for that job as they cannot or do not want to work in a traditional setting. Startup companies benefit from a very large talent pool to choose from.  Companies can access a base of prospective employees at a global level, which gives them a definite advantage over traditional businesses.

Dedicated Team

Most traditionalists try to lodge a debate that employees working from a remote place will not be as dedicated as the ones working in a physical office, but that is a concept of the past. Many researchers have shown that employees prefer remote working models, especially millennials. Employees these days want more flexibility and freedom in their work. The younger generation wants a clear work/life balance and remote employment allows for that balance. When employees needs are met, they are happier and more productive. Employees are more satisfied, thus, they work with more dedication and put in even more hard work.

Increased Productivity

The team of workers has a vital role in the growth of a startup company. Research has shown that a remote team is far more productive than those who work in the office. Experts believe the home, or any other cozy environment of choice, to be the reason behind the boost in productivity of remote professionals. Apart from the working environment, the working hours are also very flexible. Thus, if a professional is comfortable working at a particular time, they have the freedom to do that.

No Distractions

A focused working environment is very crucial for the survival and growth of startups. Working in an office where there are many other employees can be very distracting. It can be very difficult to focus on work. In some cases, too many meetings and dependence on emails to communicate in a traditional working environment deepen this problem.

There are many technologies that help companies to coordinate their remote team of professionals. Remote teams have been a definite advantage, laying strong foundations for many successful startup companies.


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