Remote Working has its Eco-friendly Benefits!

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We have been talking a lot about the brighter side of virtual workplaces or remote employees in our last couple of blogs. There’s one point that we might not have touched on earlier, but it sure deserves a special mention. It’s about remote working being environment friendly.

Working remotely can be our ultimate green move! That’s right;the positive environmental impact of remote work is a lot. Even if your workforce does not take conscious efforts to be eco-friendly, you are still helping take off a lot of environmental pressures when you are working remotely.

Here are few ways how:

Your minimize your carbon footprint by a lot

Whenever someone brings up the statistic of how driving cars is one of the most air polluting activity that we can engage in, we start cribbing about how giving it up is not an option. Not just cars, even if we are taking public transportation, we are somehow or the other contributing to the pollution problem.

But then what if you don’t have to travel to work anymore?

Some of the studies conducted predict that the saving both monetary and environment wise are humongous. Have a look at this Infograph to believe

Less physical space used

Every single person working remotely is a person less from office who needs an additional space when they go to work. Your home remains whether you work in it or not. But your office space can be considerably conserved.

Thinking about it from individual point of view may not give us the broader perspective, but then if you think about considerable number of people working remotely, what does that translate into?

It translates into less space used, less amount of deforestation, less pressure on land resources & a lot more.

Less use of other resources

When you are working virtually you automatically end up using less of all the resources available in an office. The amount of electricity used to run offices, along with money spent money spent on office supplies, like paper and ink cartridges can be a lessened to a large extent when working remotely.

The ways in which we can fulfil our environmental responsibilities can sometimes be very obvious and other times not so much. Remote working or virtual offices are definitely one of the ways in which we can make great amends to kind of pressure that we individually and as communities put on the environment every day.

As an employer, are you looking to create an eco-friendly working environment? It’s time you start thinking about hiring remote employees as a potent option to minimize the carbon footprint in your office.

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