3 Woes about Outsourcing Web Design & How We Can Solve It

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Have you ever outsourced your web design work and stumbled several times as your outsourcing partner didn’t quite get through to your requirements? The process of rework may have consumed much of your productive time. So, what ideally did you do? Did you change your outsourcing partner or tried to hire an in-house designer to get the work done from the scratch again?

Lets check out some of the most common issues faced by a company when they outsource their design work, and how we at Capital Numbers can fix it.

The firm doesn’t understand your target market

Lets take for instance that your target market is young college students, and the website designed by your outsourcing partner firm looks dull. Or may be the website is too text heavy for young people to check on their mobile devices. It is very important to understand the target market first before starting the design work.

We at Capital Numbers will get every detail from you before starting the design work. We set up specific questions related to your target market to understand your requirement better. This has many times even helped our clients to understand and evaluate their customers and target market.

Late response or no response from the agency

Missing out deadlines and then not responding to emails are a common issue with outsourced work. Even after signing an agreement to finish the work within a given time, deadlines may be missed. On top of that there is no timely response from your partner and the deadline for your website launch nears. What do you do in such case? Delay your launch date and hire a new firm!

At Capital Numbers we ensure that staff are online, on time and performing work-related tasks through our project management service. If a member is running late or absent then their manager will inform you proactively and ensure that the work is taken care of. We send regular work update, so that you know the progress of your work. You can speak to your team over phone, email, skype or hangout.

Your project is like an art work for the designer

Many times a designer might take your project for art work. They have a tendency to turn too creative when all they have to do is stick to business goals. This will completely ruin the project, although it may look very attractive. So, after spending a few thousand dollars you end up generating zero ROI.

At Capital Numbers, we take our work very seriously. We start with understanding your business goals. We only start the work after we clearly have understood who your target audience are and what product or service you are selling to them. After several brainstorming sessions, we start the real design work. We maintain every design aesthetic as we work, without being too arty.


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