Can Startups Rely on a Remote Team?
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Victory Comes Sweet For Capital Numbers At Deloitte Technology Fast 500 APAC 2016
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Capital Numbers wins Best SME Startup Award at The Telegraph INFOCOM SME Awards 2014

Remote hiring is something which is slowly being accepted more and more as we edge into the future. Shunned earlier by many companies owing to the lack of clarity regarding the entire process, remote workers are now gradually being inducted into the workforces and task teams of various companies. This is contributing to the growth of workplace expansion beyond the physical confines of the office. What’s even more encouraging is the fact that this trend is being quickly adopted by smaller companies, especially start-ups.   

There’s good reason behind people getting excited about remote offices. It is, first and foremost, quite cost-effective, saving money by not having to invest in the physical expansion of the workplace. The cost of office furniture, broadband internet connection, computers, air-conditioning, etc., is really difficult to muster for most start-ups. So, it is logical that the trend of remote working from different locations would come as a blessing in disguise for them. There are plenty of jobs that do not require the daily physical presence of workers in the office. A few examples would be a biochemist, a biomedical engineer and construction engineer. If you are planning to set up a firm that is primarily centered around these (or similar) jobs, then you’re at full liberty to forgo the office set-up. Instead, you would conduct business from your own home (or any other ‘headquarter’ location you choose). and a few decentralized locations scattered across various geographical locations.

Now, the question that arises out of all this is: Is it possible for start-ups to completely bank upon a remote team instead of an office team?

The answer is multi-layered. There are several things that ought to be kept in mind while beginning to work with a remote team. The first thing is the culture of the workplace. Remote workers that are being hired should first be tested for cultural compatibility as well as the speed of task completion and work ethics followed. The second thing is the structure of management. If you have a work supervision and employee productivity tracking system that depends on the physical presence of the employee in question, then problems are bound to arise. As I’ve mentioned previously, there are certain kinds of jobs that people can hold without having to actually travel to an office. If a start-up is made up of people who would be working chiefly from home or other remote locations, then an office would not be required in the first place. On the other hand, if a huge part of the company’s staff consists of people in traditional office-based roles, then that company would need a separate work building. It really depends upon the kind of industry the company is part of, and the type of work the company does.

Here’s what you can do if you’re a start-up and want to utilize a remote office:

  • Don’t use e-mail for communications; make use of Skype or Slack. The only place where you should use e-mail for communications is when you are notifying your employees on an official communication made with another organization. Another instance would be when you’re sending out official invites for a conference call. If you have a very small staff, you may have no need to communicate via technology.
  • You could make use of, as we have already stated above, real-time communication technology such as Flow, Skype, Skitch or Slack. These not only help in interpersonal and inter-group communication but also have live video chats and can also be used to keep track of employee progress. When it comes to keeping all work progress recorded centrally, there are few alternatives to cloud storage mechanisms such as Dropbox. It not only keeps all files stored in one place, sorted according to size, date, priority, and employee, but it also has the provision to bring back a deleted file by clicking the “undo delete” button (Note: This can be done within 30 days of deletion).
  • Create a position that is Two-in-One: Office Assistant and Manager. You could have the same person who has the responsibility of office secretary also carry the responsibility of the event scheduler. They would not only assign you the tasks to be completed but also fix meetings, book flights, carry out transactions with banks and other similar work. Thus, you could have a person handling your projects who knows the details and schedules of the company inside out. Having a position like this can help with better task coordination and optimization time. This position, acting as a schedule manager, is also an able observer of the company’s progress. Owing to their deep knowledge about the work mechanism and schedules of the company, they would be able to provide valuable inputs regarding the work to be completed.

In general, there are many good reasons for a start-up to go completely remote. It is definitely worth the time and effort to explore this as a possibility if nothing else.

Social media marketing is an integral part of making a site more popular to the target consumer base. There are numerous benefits to placing an advertisement on social media. If you open a fan page of your company on Facebook, for instance, then you can use your personal contacts list to spread the link and gather more followers by means of ‘likes’. The more friends that ‘like’ your page, the more likely your page will be visible around the virtual world. Suppose one person from your Facebook ‘likes’ your page. The people on their friend list would be able to see that the person liked a page and would be curious to check that page out. If the curious person also ‘likes’ your page, the cycle of spreading ‘likes’ goes on and on. If you follow the principles of online PPC techniques,  you can place advertisements on Facebook (and other social networking sites) where a person would be able to view your advertisement if he/she displays a leaning towards the kind of product or service you sell.

Twitter is not far off. The Twitter Analytics feature platform is of huge benefit to business owners. Through it, a business can track the changes in the size of their customer base. In addition to this, they can also see the demographics the followers belong to, and their tastes and preferences.

The question remains: why do small businesses shy away from using social media to their full benefit? The answer is multifaceted:

  • The majority of small companies, especially start-ups, are intimidated by the idea of social media campaigning. To them, a social media campaign is something that requires a lot of time, resources, efforts and energy that cannot be afforded. A lot of these companies are not aware of campaign tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Omniture, etc. Because these companies want to play it safe, under the notion that social media campaigns only work when a company is well established, they end up depriving themselves of the benefits that online business campaign tracking tools can give them.
  • Many times, a company doesn’t even have a plan for conducting a campaign on social media. They simply enter the space and work randomly, even taking flawed routes (such as bombarding members with spam messages). As a result, their campaigns fail and they end up dismissing the effectiveness of social media campaigning as a whole. Social media marketing requires a plan in order to succeed. Each business needs to target a certain demographic and then develop their campaigns accordingly, instead of simply making a universal appeal. They need to make use of tools, such as market survey tools and holding consumer contests, with special offers to be won as prizes. Yet, all these, for some reason, intimidate smaller companies.
  • There may be companies that feel that the competition is very packed and that the ‘early birds’ have caught all the worms. That is, the bigger or early-arrival companies have already reaped all the benefits from a particular social media strategy and occupied all the niches. While this fear is not totally unjustified, it is also true that sustained and diligent marketing can indeed popularize a company among social media users without even needing to spend much on advertising. For example, if a company sells health products, they can hire people to research health-themed Facebook groups (or other social media communities)  and promote the products of the company. They can participate in discussions on social media groups and share the positive aspects of the products that are being sold by the company. In doing so, you gain popularity within a particular niche.

Thus, it’s mainly a combination of unrecognized potential and a presence of uncertainty regarding social media that prevents small companies from achieving success in social media marketing campaigns. The scenario is slowly changing, but as small and niche businesses become more informed about social media marketing, there’s a promising future ahead.  

Capital Numbers very proudly announces their win at the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 APAC 2016. The award follows a string of accolades for Capital Numbers which reported a significant growth rate in the past four years.

The original program, the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 North America, was founded in 1995. Since 2002, Deloitte has worked to celebrate the fastest growing industry sectors, from software to biotech, across the Asia-Pacific region. The AP TechFast 500 program spans over nine countries: Australia, China (including Hong Kong), India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Here at Capital Numbers, we provide our clients with sustainable competitive advantage in their business. Thus, we focus on creating a collaborative environment that fosters creative solutions and growth, ensuring effortless growth of startups, businesses, and organizations, focusing on the core while we act as their backend delivery center.

The fundamental idea behind this program is to honor emerging high-growth companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Capital Numbers scored high in all the criteria outlined for companies qualifying for The Technology Fast 500. As per the eligibility requirements, Capital Numbers matches the guidelines by showcasing base-year operating revenues of at least US $50,000, by being in business for a minimum of three years, and by being headquartered within Asia Pacific.

“We are really happy to be among the Top 500 fastest growing companies in APAC. All our hard work has been channelized to build a strong company and at the end of the day this award is a testament to our continued success and growth,” said Mukul Gupta, Managing Director, Capital Numbers. “Our ongoing drive and ambition to create a global presence remain undiminished and this is just the beginning.”


Capital Number_StartUpExpo

We are glad to let you know that we have been accepted as an exhibitor at the Start-Up Expo 2016! Hi five!


Our excitement is not just about acing the questionnaire that we were asked to fill out, it’s also about the token number we received after registering, which was 800 – meaning 799 others had already registered before us! That tells you how huge it’s going to be and we cannot wait!

India has long been declared a start up country. There are need gaps in every industry that are being addressed by energetic professionals in the most innovative of ways.

It’s important that all these minds gather under a single umbrella once in a while, inspire each other, draw from each other and understand how the impact of their work cascades into the larger picture.

giphy (2)

The Start-Up Expo is going to bring together an ecosystem that can provide start-ups all the support they need to succeed. It’s going to be one of the biggest exhibitions in NCR to showcase start-ups from all domains.

The opportunity to scout for potential partners and networking with the best in India are obviously attraction to us, we also believe that we could talk about how we digital production outsourcing solving a lot many problems people face while achieving their organizational goals.

We help organisations remove these constraints and help them save about 20% to 40% on Digital Production costs which they can then spend in a bigger distribution of content or, it goes straight to their bottom line.

We believe that our voice is important in a conference that is sheltering all these brilliant minds because we can now tell these guys that they can decouple their production process from everything else and thus become truly strategic and solution agnostic. Our business model makes the talent that is needed available to our clients on demand so that they don’t have to worry about excessive in-house staffing or, getting tied into lengthy contracts. They can get the type of digital production that they need, when they need it.

Anindya Mukherjee – Country Head and Debjit Datta – Head of Mobile Solutions will be our representatives at the expo, and we wish them all the luck with spreading our message further. We hope that our participation in this expo is another step towards us being at the very heart of Indian start-up ecosystem.

We shall definitely keep you posted about all we do and learn at the Expo. To get regular updates, do follow us on Twitter and if you really want to follow us at every step of the way, you can stalk us as well, we don’t mind.

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A new feather to the hat! Capital Numbers, one of the fastest growing startups of Kolkata, won the Best SME Startup Award at The Telegraph INFOCOM SME Awards 2014.

Mr. Mukul Gupta receiving Best SME Startup at The Telegraph INFOCOM SME Awards 2014

At a packed event held by ABP Group in Kolkata on December 6, 2014, Saturday, Indian tech company, Capital Numbers (www.capitalnumbers.com), was awarded the Best SME Startup, picked by a panel of judges representing top dignitaries of the industry.

Winning the prestigious award is a clear indication that Capital Numbers has a long way to go and grow. A team of 200+ in-house IT experts serves some of the most prominent names in the industry like Fool.com, Harvard University, Thomson Rueters, Condé Nast, Matches Fashion, Doosan, My Pay Network and Ordina.

The company, which offers White Label Web Design and Development, Mobile Apps and Digital Marketing services (www.capitalnumbers.com/managed_outsourcing_overview.html) was given the award after showing remarkable growth since inception. For three years the company has been offering world-class solutions to over 200 international clients of big and small stature alike.

The Award & Certificate handed over to Mukul at The Telegraph INFOCOM SME Awards 2014

The Award & Certificate handed over to Mukul at The Telegraph INFOCOM SME Awards 2014

Mukul Gupta, Managing Director, Capital Numbers stated the occasion as “Its a great achievement for the team. We have grown to over $2 Million in revenue purely through Digital Marketing, without meeting any client face to face. We have assisted companies to improve productivity, keep their in-house teams small, outsource overflow work by hiring dedicated temporary staff from us and reduce costs. Our ‘Remote Hiring’ model has helped us to position Capital Numbers against freelancing portals such as Elance and Odesk and has been giving their clients a more reliable way to hire remote workers”, added Mukul.

“It’s an honour to win an award that recognizes Capital Numbers’ digital and technology innovation, as well as the success we brought to our clients through remote staffing”, shared Mukul after collecting the award. “There’s amazing talent, innovation and drive in Indian technology companies, and we’re proud to be picked as the Best SME Startup by ABP Group”, he added in a much victorious manner.

Several awards were given away at the occasion, which sought to recognise the best in class of digital communications and technology innovations. Capital Numbers was one of three companies that received an award for Best SME Startup.

About Capital Numbers
Capital Numbers is a company based in Kolkata. The company specializes in offering White Label Web Design and Development, Mobile Apps and Digital Marketing services through remote hiring. It is an ISO 9001 Certified, D&B Registered and a Certified Google Partner.

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