Capital Numbers will be at Start-Up Expo 2016!

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We are glad to let you know that we have been accepted as an exhibitor at the Start-Up Expo 2016! Hi five!


Our excitement is not just about acing the questionnaire that we were asked to fill out, it’s also about the token number we received after registering, which was 800 – meaning 799 others had already registered before us! That tells you how huge it’s going to be and we cannot wait!

India has long been declared a start up country. There are need gaps in every industry that are being addressed by energetic professionals in the most innovative of ways.

It’s important that all these minds gather under a single umbrella once in a while, inspire each other, draw from each other and understand how the impact of their work cascades into the larger picture.

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The Start-Up Expo is going to bring together an ecosystem that can provide start-ups all the support they need to succeed. It’s going to be one of the biggest exhibitions in NCR to showcase start-ups from all domains.

The opportunity to scout for potential partners and networking with the best in India are obviously attraction to us, we also believe that we could talk about how we digital production outsourcing solving a lot many problems people face while achieving their organizational goals.

We help organisations remove these constraints and help them save about 20% to 40% on Digital Production costs which they can then spend in a bigger distribution of content or, it goes straight to their bottom line.

We believe that our voice is important in a conference that is sheltering all these brilliant minds because we can now tell these guys that they can decouple their production process from everything else and thus become truly strategic and solution agnostic. Our business model makes the talent that is needed available to our clients on demand so that they don’t have to worry about excessive in-house staffing or, getting tied into lengthy contracts. They can get the type of digital production that they need, when they need it.

Anindya Mukherjee – Country Head and Debjit Datta – Head of Mobile Solutions will be our representatives at the expo, and we wish them all the luck with spreading our message further. We hope that our participation in this expo is another step towards us being at the very heart of Indian start-up ecosystem.

We shall definitely keep you posted about all we do and learn at the Expo. To get regular updates, do follow us on Twitter and if you really want to follow us at every step of the way, you can stalk us as well, we don’t mind.

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