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18th Jan 2017 / Sourav Roy / IT Sector

Behind every good technology implementation, there is a good project manager and a strong project management team. Being a project manager, you need to handle a budget and work with it. But sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to organize all the work within the budget. If you are among those, who want to know if … Read Full Article

15th Jul 2016 / Capital Numbers / Remote Hiring

Having created a new business or startup, it is understandable that entrepreneurs prefer to hire virtual employees as compared to an in-house regular employee base. Having virtual workers or remote hires as they are also called can present a host of benefits for your business. To begin with, you can avoid having to incur administrative … Read Full Article

5th Jul 2016 / Capital Numbers / Remote Hiring

Traditionally, employers have always had in-house teams working for them. Having the workers inside the office premises made it easier to supervise them, offer feedback and instructions and monitor the progress of the tasks. This is why; many employers are unsure about working with remote hires. It is understandable that you’re not confident about the … Read Full Article

14th Jun 2016 / Capital Numbers / Remote Hiring

In recent times, given the prevalence of social media, websites, mobile apps, and other digital technology, you absolutely need your business to have an online presence. To develop this persona, you need a great website with interactive pages, smart presentation, mobile and tablet compatibility, and linking to social media sites. These are only some of … Read Full Article

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