How to Hire a Great Remote Web Developer

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In recent times, given the prevalence of social media, websites, mobile apps, and other digital technology, you absolutely need your business to have an online presence. To develop this persona, you need a great website with interactive pages, smart presentation, mobile and tablet compatibility, and linking to social media sites. These are only some of the features necessary for your company and website to remain competitive. Without them, you’ll restrict the growth potential of your enterprise. To capture national and global markets, you need the services of a professional and highly skilled web developer. And, remote hiring one such expert could be your choice.

Where to Find a Web Developer

Looking for the web developer that can take your business to the next level is extremely easy. You only need to post a job on the many portals out there and choose from the many candidates that answer your post. Some portals also offer to screen and vet out possible hires before they put you in touch with the remote professionals you need. If you’re not quite sure about the scope of the task and the kind of programmer you need, you can rely on them to assist you. You can choose to use their many software that allows you to track the time the remote hires dedicate to your project and also, relay payments.

Keep in mind that the digital marketing sphere is progressing quickly and that new programming languages are coming up every day. Accordingly, you need someone who is up-to-date with the latest happenings and can create for you the best website possible. Before making your choice from the candidates that apply, your best bet is to ask them about the websites they have created. Visit them and if you like what you see, you can hire its developer.

Characteristics of a Great Web Developer

If you’re still unsure about which candidate can deliver on your requirements, here are some of the factors to consider.

1. Experience and Ability to Work Efficiently from Home: While this is a standard requirement for all remote hires, it becomes more important in the sphere of web development. Workers should be able to concentrate and stay focused no matter what distractions they face. They must also be able to juggle projects and deliver their best.

2. Effective Problem Solving: When writing programs, developers are likely to come across many snags. However, an intensely creative and efficient freelancer can find solutions and develop strategies to work around the problem. If he can solve problems as they come up, he is sure to create the ideal site that has the fewest bugs and functions smoothly.

3. Cooperating and Being a Team Player: During the course of developing the website, your freelancer will need to constantly remain in touch with the other members of your team to understand how your company operates. For instance, getting detailed information of what the business is all about, the goods and services you provide, and the marketing strategies you have in place. Your team needs to work in collaboration with one another so that information is relayed accurately and the web design is perfectly in tune with the culture of your enterprise.

4. Dedication and Thoroughness in Performance: The main difference between a great programmer and a mediocre one is the attention to detail. The basic rule about web development is to make sure that there are a minimum number of errors possible. The fewer the errors, the more seamlessly the website functions. Errors only result in bugs that can make the user experience less than perfect. The dedicated freelancer is likely to eliminate errors and check and recheck until she is completely satisfied with the product before she delivers.

5. Willingness to Grow and Learn: A web developer continues to remain successful only so long as he keeps pace with the newest developments in the world of programming. Without a passion for the field and the enthusiasm to continuously hone his skills and get better at what he does, he is likely to fall behind very soon.

Use these tips and you’ll soon find the best remote hire professional that can create the perfect website to support your business.


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