Why Should Agencies Trust WordPress?

In an increasingly competitive digital marketing world, the success and failure of a business is closely linked to the success of its website and online presence. Reaching out to customers is more effective by way of virtual stores rather than by footfalls in actual retail outlets. Websites can also serve as the best tool to gather information about what customers are thinking, their likes and dislikes, and what they expect from the products and services they’re looking to buy. This is why, contemporary companies need websites with a host of features that can attract attention and convert visitors into buyers.

Features of a Great Website

Websites need to be well designed and carry information that provides value to the customers. They must also be interactive, but at the same time, they must be secure, have high-speed responsiveness and offer compatibility to the mobile devices that consumers use to surf the internet. Digital agencies looking to create this online presence for companies must develop sites that include all these features along with scalability, ease of usage, and interactivity. WordPress can help them create the ideal platform and works as the perfect Content Management System or CMS. Here are a few reasons why agencies rely on WordPress and the positives it offers.

What WordPress Offers: Scalability and Flexibility

Most successful digital agencies typically manage many clients at a given time, each with their own unique brands and USPs. They must develop websites for each of them that have two main features. The first being the ability to adapt to the growing needs of the client companies or scalability. As the business grows, its online presence must match its new stature. Websites must be flexible so that they can be changed as businesses evolve. For example, when they open branches and operate out of more than one location. Or, they might add more products and services to their existing offerings.

Importance of Security

WordPress offers source code that is freely available to developers along with an incomparable range of effective and extremely safe plug-ins. However, in a world where cyber attacks are a common phenomenon, agencies must protect websites from possible breach of information and data. WordPress offers developers automatic upgrades so they can protect their websites from such possibilities. Agencies can include managed WordPress hosting services to monitor sites remotely and carefully.

Possibility of Building Unique Websites

WordPress has more than an astounding 43,000 plugins that agencies can use when creating websites for their clients. This facility allows them to create ultra-unique platforms that reflect the client company ethos and everything that the brand stands for. Developers can completely customize websites to include functions such as eCommerce compatibility, ensuring security, and optimizing sites for search engines by adding the appropriate keywords and key phrases as in Yoast. Agencies can also add and remove plugins to match the changing needs of the client businesses.

Building a Connection with the Audience

Interesting content that engages the readers is the foundation of a great website. Companies prefer to build that special connection with their readers and consumers by posting amazing articles and blogs. They also use this content to establish their brands and familiarize their customers with the products and services they offer. Businesses increasingly rely on their brand managers and advertising teams to manage their websites instead of their technical teams and IT departments. Not only do they hire expert, professional content writers but also the CMS of WordPress enables the writers to post and publish the content on their own without relying on the technical teams to do it for them. This process creates a more streamlined system of connecting with the audience.

Let’s Look at the Statistics

Over 74 million websites or a little over a fourth of the complete world wide web has been created using WordPress. In addition, around 60% of the websites use content management systems like WordPress to power them. Well-known companies like National Geographic, Siemens, UBER, and Hallmark are only some of the enterprises that have chosen WordPress. Companies may be startups, long established, local, or international organizations, their digital marketing agencies can rely on WordPress to create the perfect websites for them that are well capable of meeting their needs.

Given all these positives, agencies must choose the best content management system like WordPress. It can help them to develop interactive platforms for their clients that can be used to promote their client businesses, post interesting content, and build a potent global presence via the internet.


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