What is an SEO Reseller, and How to Use One?

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We could say that any SEO team or agency who white labels their services to other agencies are SEO resellers. But, there is more to it than that. A good SEO reseller will hire top SEO experts in order to provide remarkable search results, hire copywriters for quality content, provide maintenance, and more.

So why are they so important? Consider this scenario:
You’re a PPC agency (or any other type of agency), and a client asks you for SEO work. You aren’t an expert in SEO, so you have three options. You can turn down that chunk of money (and possible future work). You can try to do it yourself, even though you aren’t an expert and can’t guarantee results. Or, you can go to an SEO reseller.
Turn to SEO resellers if you want to avoid three things:

  1. Hiring your own in-house SEO experts.
  2. Wasting months of learning SEO instead of further developing your specific core services.
  3. Turning down new work because your in-house SEO team is 100% occupied.

Do this, your client will stay satisfied, and you’ll get to keep the profit.

Common Services of SEO Resellers

Most of us probably know that SEO resellers offer link building as their primary service. Link building is probably the most important factor in SEO optimization, and resellers achieve it through various methods. But they offer other services which we tend to overlook.

For example, we can hire an SEO reseller if our clients need an on-page audit for their new campaign. Keyword research is another time-consuming aspect that SEO resellers can deal with effectively. Also, we can hire them to help with local SEO, like building citations.

And finally, if our client needs high-quality content for SEO purposes, we can leave that to the copywriting team of an SEO reseller, who can write it in bulk.

Why We Should Hire SEO Resellers

Superb SEO is crucial for marketing success– that’s why in-house SEO experts command such a high price. If you really want to get optimal results to your client, you’ll have to go to trained professionals.

That is particularly true if we consider that SEO is becoming more and more complicated. Google’s algorithm is getting more advanced, making SEO strategy more intricate, and the tasks more complex. Only SEO experts can efficiently track Google’s algorithm updates while finding opportunities to build links. Again, this is why in-house SEO experts command top dollar.

But that brings us to the main issue: hiring in-house experts would simply cost more. It is also unnecessary if our clients don’t ask for regular SEO optimization. Why should you have to change your core offerings to please one or two clients? You may consider freelancers, but that’s a risky proposition as well. Freelancers might be “cheap,” but you can’t really trust them. There’s a reason freelancers have such a reputation for flakiness and poor performance.

Obviously, not having any SEO experience is going to make it hard for us to deliver everything our client needs. That’s why it’s best to leave all of this to an SEO reseller agency. We highly suggest you outsource this task.

The Benefits of Hiring SEO Resellers

Your agency should always focus on what it is good at. If you outsource SEO tasks to resellers, you’ll be able to put all your effort into getting clients and making them happy. What’s more, you will have more room to further improve your services.

Being able to get scalable results is another important benefit of SEO resellers. Unlike freelancers, specialized SEO agencies have fully-developed processes for link building. For example, a reseller would be able to easily provide the 600 high-quality links your client needs. Freelancers, on the other hand, usually don’t have the means to provide such large-scale results.

Another benefit of hiring SEO resellers is that you only have to use them when you need them. We’ve already discussed that it would be much more costly to bring an SEO expert in-house. If you do that, you’ll have to pay salary, taxes, benefits, etc etc. In contrast, most SEO resellers offer on-demand services — you hire them only when you need them.

Plus, you can avoid the expense of buying SEO tools. The best SEO tools are too expensive for agencies who only have sporadic SEO jobs. However, an SEO reseller will have these tools and will use them for you. All you have to do is pay for the job.

In conclusion, let’s sum up all the benefits of hiring SEO resellers:

  • Hiring SEO resellers frees up time and resources for our lucrative core competencies.
  • They can provide scalable results and meet all requests from our clients.
  • We can hire SEO resellers only when we need them.
  • If we hire SEO resellers, we won’t have to buy expensive SEO tools.

How to Become an SEO Reseller

For all the reasons listed above, SEO reselling is a lucrative business. However, starting a successful SEO reselling agency doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll have to invest time and funds in order to successfully run this type of business. Furthermore, it will require a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the field.

The first step to becoming an SEO reseller is branding your business. Figure out what your values are and what you stand for, and use a design that communicates this. Next, set up a state-of-the-art website — remember that as an SEO reseller, your site will be the first contact many people have with your brand. So take it seriously.

At first, you’ll have to find potential clients the old fashioned way. Cold call, cold email, network with local business owners, and even go door to door. In the meantime, do all that is possible to rank your website for local keywords. As an SEO expert, your ranking says a lot about how skilled you are. Do everything in your power to rank first.


Even though we face multiple choices when we’re in dire need of SEO services, hiring SEO resellers is always a better idea than going with freelancers instead. Thanks to them, many agencies can offer their clients lucrative SEO packages without having to keep an SEO expert retained. Think of hiring SEO resellers as an opportunity to further expand your business, usually with high margins.

And, if you’re interested in reselling your SEO services, the best advice is to be your own client — have a great website and get ranked. As your skill grows, so will your business.


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