What Content Marketing Should You Outsource?

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Content marketing is an integral part of any business online. It helps to improve your brand visibility and thus generate leads for your business. But, if you are not following the best practices of content marketing, then you have every possibility to end up damaging your brand image.

Often you may not have the required knowledge to handle it on your own or have the budget to keep an inhouse digital marketing team. In such cases it is ideal to partner up with a professional company, who know their job the best.

But while outsourcing your content marketing work, it is important for you to know, what and how much you should outsource:

Content Curation and Promotion

Content curation and promotion requires a special skill. While outsourcing this part of the job, check out if your partner has the domain knowledge specific to your business. It will be easier for you to get across your requirement to them. Further, the team you are remotely hiring should also have contacts to attract relevant audiences.

The outsourcing service provider that you partner with should present a content marketing strategy that is suitable for your business and be able to generate queries.

Regular Content Generation for Your Business Blog

If you have a business, you must have a blog. The blog is a platform that will talk about your business and give your customers insights they are looking for. So, when you outsource content creation look for a partner who will be able to offer you an end to end process – research, crafting, optimizing and posting.

This will help you with a constant flow of fresh content to your blog.

Keyword Research

If you lack knowledge of competition level, cost-per-click, estimated search volume, content silos and keyword difficulty, then it is ideal for you to outsource the work to an expert service provider. The SEO team will provide you with a comprehensive plan with keywords relevant to your business.

The right steps taken by the remote SEO team will take your website to Google’s top search. It will further attract targeted organic traffic through various long-tail keywords.

Alternative Content

You not only need blogs and keyword optimization to rule the internet. In order to fetch new visitors to your site that finally converts, you need to consider a number of content pieces such as business case-studies, white papers, videos, infographics, how-to guides and regular social media posts.

The more channels you use, it is more likely to get more number of queries.


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