How We Helped an Australian Agency Offer More Services to Its Clients

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We’re always happy to help other agencies scale up to expand and capture a larger market.

In this case, we empowered our client to greatly expand their competencies.

After working with us for a short time, they were able to several different services to their clients, and bring in a larger market share.

First, we expanded their technology use. Before contacting us, they were only working with Joomla-based sites. They had no capacity to offer WordPress, Drupal, or e-commerce services. But we worked with them to provide those skill sets, and now they have a much broader range of offerings.

Another gap we helped fill was SEO and reputation management. When our client contacted us, they offered neither. But after seeing the impressive results we got providing these services, they asked us to do them under “white label” for their clients. Thus far, we’ve fulfilled every requirement and the client is enjoying lots of success in this area.

We even were able to help keep our client up to date with their digital presence – something that many marketing and advertising professionals struggle with!

We helped redesign their site and focus on loading speed (using some very “cutting-edge” technologies) and now they have a great Google PageSpeed score. Further, their web presences naturally looks and feels like the web presence of a full-service, successful digital agency.

Not to mention, we did all this with the goal of staying price-efficient. It took some finesse and thinking, but we were eventually able to deliver certain services for our client to offer even their lowest-budget clients.

So this relationship has been a complete success. Not only were we able to help another agency cover more of the market and bring in more revenue, but we did it while keeping them flexible and save on costs.

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