How We Helped America’s Largest SEO Agency Scale Up Even Further

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With Many Specialists Working on Multiple Projects, We Now Provide The Client With Development, Design, and Social Media Management

Expanding quickly, a large US-based agency had just started a new division to provide reputation management services to professionals and small businesses.

Reputation management is the practice of attempting to shape public perception of a person or organization by positively influencing online information. Good reputation management services protect against the possibility that someone could search for a company online and find potentially damaging reviews or allegations.

They had done some outsourcing, but weren’t satisfied with the quality — so they contacted us for deliver high-quality, flexible, organized services.

Our project management needs were well beyond the ability of email to communicate, so we used Basecamp. Usually, the project manager had to check the status of around 100 – 150 projects every day.

It was a pretty big undertaking. As the the volume of the projects increased, we added more team members run the work smoothly. Currently, we have a total of ten experts working on multiple projects.

The result is that the client liked our work and continued to do business with us. We’re currently providing following website development, social media, blog content, graphic design, and landing page design.

We’re currently working with six of the client’s project managers on different projects and a dedicated team of 10 specialists.

We’ve also signed extensive NDAs and take on the responsibility of training and onboarding new people for the projects, so the client never had to worry about that.

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