How To Overcome App Development Outsourcing Mistakes

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Outsourcing acts as a great way of acquiring expertise from individuals all around the globe. It saves time, money and energy and lets you focus on your area of interest while the other person works in his field. It provides flexibility and the culmination of ideas that finally leads to a brilliant outcome. Freelancers from all over are getting into this business as it lets them work from home at their disposal. Teamwork is key and can be efficiently carried out if worked at through the right way.
However, as easy as it may sound, outsourcing has a variety of pitfalls that can come up especially if you are a newbie at the same. The whole outsourcing team needs to be online at a similar time or else your project has the risk of being delayed. Besides that, queries can pop up too and if either you or your outsourcing partner are not free to resolve it, the wait can prove to be uncomfortable and unnecessary. You should be aware of the following pitfalls when it comes to outsourcing,

Market Research on Low Priority – As a person willing to create an outsourcing network, you might come across requests that are bare imitations of other platforms. The project might not be fulfilling or creative. For a startup to gain a prompt boost, the idea should be profound, upon which the project keeps on moving. Merely trying to clone an existing product does not make sense and you should steer clear from such requests at all costs. Requests like these are plenty and should not be considered as it may result in having a dead-end project. While trying to brainstorm ideas for your project, make sure to focus on what makes your product different from others. Users would not like to try out something that is already in the market. Always keep your competitors in mind while coming out with a product that makes a difference in its own, unique way. The market research needs to be efficiently carried out before the need to outsource. It gives a clear cut picture of all that needs to be procured, and would then give you a better idea of what you are missing out on. The target audience needs to be specified as well. If there is a need to clone a particular app, ensure that your project offers a lot more than the actual product. This is the first and foremost step to be kept in mind, without which even good ideas might end up in the trash.

No Heed to Time-Zone Differences – The difference in time zones plays a crucial role in the progress of your project. Since the requirement would be to outsource, if the time zones of your partners are not kept in mind, the project would not culminate at all. Communication is necessary for outsourcing and the time zone difference can act as a hindrance. Hence, it is important for you to take note of the same to understand who can work and when on the project. Taking care of the time difference would, in turn, make your project go on smoothly. It does not matter if the outsourcing company is in the same city as yours. Every partner can come up with queries related to the project that would need to be answered. Hence, keeping the time difference in mind, you would have to answer them when they are available, and vice versa. Hold-ups or delays would go hand in hand, but as long as you and your partners have the time difference figured, outsourcing can be effectively carried out. You can also create a forum or a common FAQ website wherein you can input common questions and answers related to the project to make it easy for everyone to work with. New inputs can be introduced or changed, depending upon the progress.

Outsourcing a Team – When you decide to outsource, you look for long-term partnerships that would facilitate your project. Hence, it is highly recommended to have a background check before getting in touch with someone to carry out a task for your project. Say, if you need a company to create content for your website, you need to ensure they have prior experience writing for various clients. Their expertise on content would further provide concreteness to your decision of whether or not you want them to work on the project. This would not be a rushed decision. You should take a good amount of time deciding this. If the company you are searching for ticks of all the checkboxes you are looking for, then you can proceed with them. Check if their niche matches yours and if they have a verified background score. You can go through their previous projects and check the quality of their content accordingly. As much as their expertise on their niche, you should ensure you have similar knowledge on the niche as well so that the workflow can be smooth and both parties have the same goals while working on the project.

Unclear or Unspecified Requirements – You should always specify what you are looking for when it comes to outsourcing. Half of the time, a project can go wrong if the requirements are unclear. This might result in a fallout or delay in the completion of the project. You need to make sure your partners know exactly what you need. Assumptions cannot come in the scene as you might just get the opposite of what you are aiming for. Ensure that all your outsourcing partners are on the same page before you start work. The requirements including the deadlines and prices should be specified at the start to avoid any confusion.

With the fulfillment of the above requirements, you can be assured of having a good team that carries out the outsourcing process in a smooth manner. You can always try and create a common point-of-contact that can ensure all the work being done on time. With the wonders of the internet, outsourcing not only plays a great role in coming with the best results but also enables you as an outsourcer to establish connections with people from across the globe. This partnership enables you to share impressive ideas and stick to the same people for a long-term project or business that would enable everyone to profit from the same.


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