How Remote Hires can Maintain Productivity Levels

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Working from home as a remote hire or a freelancer has many advantages. These include and are not limited to choosing projects of one’s own choice, working at one’s convenience, savings on commuting costs, and many more. However, you might have noticed that working from home often results in lower productivity levels. Many factors can interfere with your working hours such as household chores, social commitments, and lack of the impetus and discipline of a proper working atmosphere. Here are a few tips you can use to ensure that you maintain productivity levels despite being a remote hire.

Begin Your Day Well

Disciplining oneself and setting a proper routine is very essential for freelancers. Make it a point to wake up at the right time each morning and make sure you groom and dress yourself for the part. Many remote hires are tempted to lounge around the house in casual clothes, but you’ll find that dressing right lets you instantly step into the role of a professional. You’ll find that you’re motivated to turn on your computer and begin working. Have a nutritious breakfast because you need the energy to get the creative juices flowing.

Create a Work Schedule

Draw up fixed working hours and follow them by ignoring all distractions. Turn off the social media updates on your phone and use a different email ID for work. Doing this will segregate your professional and personal communications. In addition, you can ignore unimportant emails until it’s break time. Inform all your friends and family members of your routine and request them to support you and refrain from disturbing you during work hours. It’s perfectly okay to turn down an invitation to catch a movie when you have to work. Say, “No!” politely, but firmly.

Create Time Slots

When working with multiple clients or on different projects at a time, you need to create fixed time slots for each task. According to the time needed to complete each project, assign hours all through the week. Make a note of each task in your time scheduler. Also, set aside time slots for checking mails, contacting new clients, fresh job applications, and so on. Take care that you don’t let one task get in the way of another. For instance, if you have to work on a particular project and you chance upon a job opportunity, wait for the right time slot to draft your application.

Make up for Delays

All workers, whether in-house or remote hires must deal with situations like health issues or family emergencies that just cannot be avoided. If you find yourself falling behind work, inform your client and make up for lost time by working as and when you can. Sacrifice weekends if you need to or put in longer hours until you catch up.

Take Short Breaks

Working nonstop without breaks for long hours can only result in mental fatigue, and eventually, a burnout. Keep such situations at bay by taking frequent breaks every couple of hours. Have cup of tea or coffee and eat a small snack. Simply getting up from your desk and walking around not only has health benefits, but also refreshes you to work better. If you feel lethargic, take a power nap.

Eliminate Multitasking Completely

You might think that working on multiple projects or checking messages and emails as they come in helps you save time. The fact is that, instead of getting more done, the constant disturbance breaks your concentration levels and you end up getting a lesser amount of work done. A better option is to take up one task and focus on it completely until you complete it. Unless you work with a client who needs to constantly update you with fresh instructions, using this strategy can help you raise your productivity levels.  

Take on Only What You can Deliver

Many remote hires make the mistake of taking on too many projects even when they know that they cannot find the time to manage them. By doing this, you’ll only feel stressed when you cannot meet deadlines. A wiser option is to take up only so many projects that you know you can deliver. Eliminate the stress and you can have a better output. Sign up for new projects as you complete the old ones.

Using these tips, as a remote hire or freelancer, you should be able to maximize productivity levels and build a great career.


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