Extended Team Helps Your Business Grow Faster

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After coming up with that brilliant new business startup idea, what do you do next?

You check your environment and your support group. You need to make sure that you’re personally ready to take on the work, have the proper tools for the task, and be surrounded with the right people to serve as your support group before you even begin the project. And when you expand, you can only do so with the help of the right talents in your team. While the process may be quite daunting, it’s not impossible.

With an extended team, now finding IT resources for budding startup entrepreneurs like you is easy.

As you focus on expanding your business, you need a remote team to carry on the more technical work on your behalf.

Web Developers – Whether you want to build your website from the scratch or want to rebuild your existing website, whether you want to develop an eCommerce portal or want to run a blog, an extended team of highly skilled web developers can offer you the best solution.
Web Designers – Web design is crucial for designing a website. But, it is not something that everyone can do. Hiring remote design experts to handle your design work professionally would offer you brilliant output.
Mobile Developer – Mobile is the key to success for any business today. With an extended mobile development team you can stay ahead of your competitors.
Digital Marketing Specialists – By hiring skilled search engine optimization (SEO) experts and digital marketing specialists to optimize your new business website you would get high website rank, quality traffic which translates to many business opportunities!

There are companies that have right team for your outsourcing needs. Unlike hiring through Odesk or, Elance you can hire full-time employees from these companies. The advantage you get is people who are all working under the same same roof and supervised by Technical Project Managers, unlike freelancing candidates. Thus, you get Guaranteed Skills and Experience , High Quality Work, Prompt Communication and Protection of Your Intellectual Property and Source Code Ownership.

Building an IT team is expensive when done in-house. When done through an extended team, not only its fits your budget but your business grows faster.


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