Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Email Open and Click-Through Rates

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The real secret behind great inbound marketing is through emails that create a high click-through rate. As click through rates are the second most important metric of your email campaign, maintaining a high click-through rate is paramount.

As you know, by clicking on the links in the body of an email the subscribers is sent to the website,  which guides them in their purchase. There is no point in working and spending a lot of time on emails that generate no clicks at all. It is very important to bear a few essential email marketing tips and tricks in mind in order to excel in your email marketing.  Here are some strategies that will help you improve your click through rates.

Call to Action

When you are reaching out to subscribers through emails, a call to action is very important. While it might be tempting to include many calls to action, it is not fruitful in the least. It is one of the most common mistakes to think that subscribers will be attracted to click on at least one of them if a plethora are available. More than one option can be distracting for subscribers and even decrease your click through rates. Thus, it’s  logical to keep your calls to action reduced to one, and better utilize one of the most effective email marketing strategies.

Stick to CAN-SPAM Rules

CAN-SPAM is an acronym for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing.  This act was passed in 2003 which was established for commercial email and commercial messages. It allows the recipients to stop emails and also penalizes those who have violated the law.  It is very important that you follow the rules while creating and sending emails.

Add Segments to Your Emails

Everyone is unique. There are different things that might interest different people. This is applicable for email subscribers also. If you send emails to subscribers who are not interested in them, your email marketing strategy might end up being a failure. You need to segment your subscribers and send them emails that are tailored to match their interests. When the right offer reaches the right person, the chance of getting a click increases.

Reach the New Contacts As Soon As Possible

When you get a new subscriber, you must reach out as soon as possible. It is recommended that you email new contacts within the first 24 hours of receiving the contact. This will give the new subscriber a view of what the future engagement is going to be like.  It is also a good way of building your brand.

Create the Urgency to Act

When an email is created for email marketing purposes, most strategists include call to action, but fail to create a sense of urgency. You must convey a feeling to the subscribers that they might miss out an opportunity if they do not act urgently. This encourages them to click on the call to action immediately.

Personalize the Emails You are Sending

When it comes to communications, people trust real people. They are influenced by real people more easily than by a company. As people get overwhelmed with spam these days, they often block emails that are from companies. However, they trust the emails that are coming from a personal sender name and email. One of the email marketing best practices to keep in mind is that you must personalize your emails to build a connection with your subscriber’s. This connection leads to higher click-through rates.

Make Emails Fit for Mobiles

Nearly 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices. This is the reason you must focus on making emails easier to read on mobile devices. If you are neglecting mobile devices, you are missing out on many subscribers who won’t click due to this shortcoming.

Apart from all the above mentioned points, there are some obvious email marketing tips you must pay attention to. The first is to write a clear subject line that is clickable. This prevents your mail from competing with other recipients in the inbox. You must also keep your email short and appealing with a pre-set preview of the text.

This enhances the experience of a subscriber. It’s also important to include a clear call to action with alt text that is action oriented. You must remember that email marketing is all about heightening the curiosity of the subscriber. With the right tips of email marketing for small businesses, you can make your email marketing strategy a success.


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