Do’s and Don’ts Of Hiring an Android Developer

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The fast-paced world that we are living in is ever changing and what’s changing, even more, is the tech world. You launch anything in the tech world and it runs the risk of becoming obsolete in no time. The biggest risk that a company faces due to such a fast pace is running the risk of not going up to date with their technologies to manage their products. The better technology leads to better the revenue. We all know that area of technology is vast but what we are going to throw light at, in this article, is what to do and not to do while you aspire to hire the best app developer for your company. Hiring a skilled professional is necessary to cut the chances of not running upgraded in the market.

To start with we will look at what importance an app developer has when developing your business. App developers do much more than coding and they need to have the skill to understand what’s asked of them in order to deliver it. Almost all of the work be it advertising, to book a commute, to book a meal, to launch products, the latest apps cover them all so when you need a right app for your company you want a developer to develop what is going to be a perfect fit in accord with your company’s business profile.

Let’s go through the ways you can keep in mind when you hire an android app developer.

1)Do: Prioritize skill over price
Don’t: Look for cheaper options

It’s quite valid for you to be wanting to hire a developer who can work with low expenses on your part. It’s almost certain that you would want to cut the cost of your company and maximize revenue so the first thought that might come to you is to hire a developer who’s charging low fees for his/her skills. Even if it is wished for, but it is a big mistake on your part to do so.

App developers don’t just have to deliver what is relevant now but need to work on what is going to be as relevant in the future. And if your developer cannot develop an app that is there in for a long haul you will ultimately increase your costs for developing and upgrading same apps again and again. Let’s take an example that if you hire a person for X bugs and they deliver the app for y which isn’t targeting future market too, then you will have to keep investing x plus y costs for the coming time.

In order to cut that short, you would want a developer who can develop an app that is delivering the needful for as long in market as it can and then asking for the upgrade, what this will do is that your costs will remain stable and your revenue from the app will too remain stable for a long time.

2)Do: give a specific idea of what you want to form them.
Don’t: Keep it vague

It’s very important for you to give them an accurate idea of what it is that you are looking for. If you don’t give them the idea of what framework they need to work in, they’ll be very confused and might not deliver the app that their potential can develop. You have the best idea of what your business is about and how do you want the end product to be in order for them to deliver just the right kind of app that you can be satisfied with.
Another very important reason to give them a framework is to avoid a risk of investing your money and their time in the kind of an app that will not serve your purpose and be discarded. So in order to save cost and time you should be envisioning and providing them with just the right framework and idea to work on and have an app that does all the work for your business.

3)Do: Hire an app developer who communicates
Don’t: Hire an app developer who can’t communicate to you about the app.

It is very important that your app developer talks to you about what they have understood that you want and also are able to give their inputs to achieve the goal of developing the app you want them to.

For example, you want an app developer to develop a marketing app for your business. It’s very important that they communicate to you about what kind of app they think are in trend and how much users can it target. A marketing app needs to target a plethora of users in order for your company to be marketed well and the skills of generating such an app also require knowledge of how the app developer going to target. So, you can start the communication by asking them about their goals of how they are going to achieve what is given to them. They can also communicate with you the new ideas they have and the costs of putting those ideas into reality. You would also want to inquire them while they work on the app and keep a report of their work in progress to ensure quality.

4)Do: Hire the developer with good references and a strong portfolio.
Don’t: Hire the developer who does not have references and work experience.

It’s very important for you to consider hiring a developer who would be delivering a good quality product with the references they have. Apps are your company’s revenue generating support system and so you need to keep in mind how are you going to generate the revenue.

An app developer with references and strong portfolio has been in the market for about quite some time and is aware of all the trends, costs, as well as most importantly revenue an app, can generate. The app developer needs to know how the app is going to generate its revenue and make the app a self-regulated system that generates its own revenue within itself. To achieve that, a person with references can help the app to achieve its revenue goals from the very start taking off the burden from you to generate the same.

5)Do: Hire the developer with Best and most skills in the market.
Don’t: Hire the developer with a narrow skill set.

You would definitely want the app developer to know as many skills as possible. It’s important that your developer can work on a blackberry, Apple iOS, and Android. What this does is that it widens the scope of the app to reach as many users as it can and your app gets a strong life coming onto different platforms.
Today the app success in the market is largely dependent on the app to be built upon UI/UX design. You would definitely want an app that gives its users a good experience while the app also engages in branding and popularizing your company. So the developer to have UI/UX skills is very important otherwise you will have to hire a UI/UX expert separately.

6)Do: Give knowledge of your business to the developer
Don’t: Keep the developer unaware about what your business aspires to achieve.

In order for you to have a developer that develops what is needed it’s very important that they know your business. Developers need to know what the demands of your business are and what you want to propose to your target users in order to maximize the potential the app needs to achieve. The app which is developed upon the knowledge of what your business goals have integrated those goals into itself and serves the goals to the public. This way your business goals aren’t separate of what app comes to be rather you end up using the app as a strong tool to achieve those goals and also to achieve them as fast as possible. With apps in mobile the mobility of business has become large and if your app proposes to achieve your personal goals you will be achieving them fast and climb the ladder of success higher.

Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind and you will definitely hire the developer that gives you a quality product which satisfies all your needs while paying them what they deserve in return. This way the business and app has the potential to run in the long haul.

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