Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency

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In this age of information boom, digital media plays a very pivotal role. To reach out to a larger audience, every business, whether done through an online platform or offline, needs to be digitally active. But when you start hunting for the right agency to match your business requirements, it is more often that you get baffled by choices. Today, almost anyone with an online presence claims to be a social media or digital marketing expert.

So what is it that ideally you can do?

It is always advisable to outsource your digital marketing work to an experienced company who can work with you remotely as your extended team.

But how to partner up with the right company who would understand your business and highlight its various benefits to your customers? The follow 5 points will help you to take a much wiser decision:

Experience and Understanding Go Hand-in-hand
While you are choosing a company to outsource your digital marketing work try to find out the amount of experience level of the people. Ask about their collective years of experience and then find out how much understanding do they have of your industry.

  • Have they any other projects of your industry before?
  • What similar other projects have they done before?
  • What was their success rate?

Once you get satisfactory answers to these simple questions, you know you are moving on the right track.

Great Communication Minimizes Issues
A digital marketing company can make or break your company’s image. A poor and delayed communication often leads to disastrous result causing great harm to your brand. Ask before you sign a contract if they are willing to work according to your convenience, and give quick reply.

  • If you send in a query what turnaround time will it take for them to respond?
  • Will they inform you about the progress of your work?
  • Will they share daily work reports with you?
  • What are the various modes of communication they use?

These days communication has become easy. You can have direct access to your remote staff through email, Skype, VOIP or video conferencing.

High Quality at Affordable Cost is the Need of the Hour
Great quality of work at an affordable price is what everyone is looking for. So, whatever money you are spending on hiring digital marketing specialists from a company must reap you benefits. The quality can be vetted through the earlier work done by the company. When it comes to price, the calculation is simple.

  • How much do they charge?
  • Do they offer a flat price or break it into hourly fee?
  • How many man hours would it take for them to finish your task?

One you are able to get their hourly rates, multiply it with total hours required to complete the task. Like this you will be able to have a rough idea of how much money the project will cost you.

Specialization in Multiple Fields is an Advantage
You may have collaborated with a company for your digital marketing work, but then you may be in need of a mobile application. Would you then hunt for a mobile app development company? You may not have the time and budget for this. Therefore, it is always ideal to outsource to a company who are proficient in multiple fields.

  • What services do they offer in digital marketing?
  • What other services do they specialize in besides SEO and digital marketing?
  • Do they have an in-house team to handle other tasks like mobile app development, responsive web design, ecommerce website etc.?

Partnering up with a company who have specialized teams to handle projects at various verticals can act a single point of contact for all your needs.

Certification, Awards, Contacts is the Differentiator
Are you working with a company who are building their reputation at the cost of your time and money? This is a very pertinent question you must ask yourself before linking with a company.

  • Do they have Google AdWords Certification?
  • Do they have enough contacts at Google, Bing etc?
  • What SEO tools do they use?

An expert digital marketing company uses 3rd party tools to reap a more efficient result, get higher ranking for a website on search engine and generate more queries for your brand.

Hopefully, now you can make a better choice.


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