Capital Numbers Ranks in FT 500 High Growth Asia-Pacific 2020 List

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While a large part of the world economy is tanking from the crippling effects of the coronavirus pandemic, business at some of the technology companies is holding steady – even flourishing.

Capital Numbers is one such technology company that is navigating the storm of the pandemic efficiently. The company has successfully maneuvered through its challenges and thrived, despite perilous and uncertain times. Looking at its bright sparks, The Financial Times has recognized Capital Numbers as one of the high-growth companies in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

With an Absolute Revenue Growth Rate of 60.8% between 2015 and 2018, Capital Numbers made it to the top 500 investable companies in the APAC region. It has shown warp-speed growth and proved itself resilient with each passing year.

Since its inception in 2012, Capital Numbers has unlocked multiple business possibilities for big names like Reuters, Conde Nast, and Flipkart. It has transformed businesses for several Fortune 500s, startups, agencies, and techpreneurs. What keeps it steady is its unified vision to make progress at a consistent pace, even when times get difficult. This zeal has earned the company its prestigious rank in the FT list, compiled by the research company – Statista.

Today, Capital Numbers is one of those companies that has the potential to weather a financial storm, thanks to its future-ready business models and good fundamentals. It has the ability to overcome obstacles, emerging out of unexpected corners.

This ability has helped it deliver over 1500 successful projects, in areas like:

and more.

Its capacity to prosper when faced with economic headwinds has kept it ahead of its cohort of competitors.

Even as uncertainty abounds, the company’s agile capabilities prevent it from buckling under pressure.

It has got the preparedness to deal with an economic fallout because of its strategic planning and flexible work process. Its decisive leadership, coupled with collaborative teamwork, further gives it a firm footing, even during a quarantine-era.

Moving forward, Capital Numbers plans to explore new frontiers of digital innovation, serve its clients to the best of its capacity, and scale.

Through careful business planning, the company aims to create long-term resilience against all the odds and remain a market winner in the years to come.


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