Front-end Developers v/s Back-End Developers- Let’s Compare

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Web development, the terminology has a wide scope. From a simple write-up to a complex web page or complicated website of a business company, everything on the web is developed independently. Wikipedia, definitions, online websites, business applications, and social networking applications are all individual sections of web development. The data collected and the database of every company or organization is developed by front-end developers and back-end developers.

Who are Front-End Developers?
Front-end developer is the designer, executor, and creator of the web pages we see on the computer screens. It is direct interaction with clients through sourcing data, information, images, and content on the page displayed to us on the computer system. Right from data developing to formatting it followed up by the display of web page, front-end developer is the direct face on the web. The designated person is responsible for the direct client interaction or view of the page.

Who are Back-End Developers?
Back-end developer, on the other hand, is responsible for handling the database. The responsibility of data collection, data management, and updating information constantly lie in the back-end developer job role. The creation of the database and it’s up to date management is the key role of a back-end developer. The content and information have to been edited, saved and secured to give efficiency to the website. The updated data is mandatory for clients and accuracy is obvious.

What is a Programing Language?
Programming languages used in working computers or desktops help us in giving instructions to our computer systems in the language they understand. Alike humans, computers have a language installed in its functioning system. And it does not work on English and Hindi commands but the algorithms and binary language in the form of codes. Whatever is typed in English on the computer, is changed into binary codes, the system is allowed to function on it, followed by changing the coding into alphabets understandable to humans. This translation program of the computer is called compiling.
There are namely Python, JavaScript, HTML, CCS, .NET, C++, Java, Ruby, and PHP. The different programming languages are used for different purposes and have distinguished characteristics. However, the primary role of all of them is efficiently working on the computer system. They also help in reducing the workload by quickly working on multiple projects at one time. The computer has been invented by man but the irony is, the computer system runs faster than the human brain and works more efficiently than manual manpower.

Front-end development programming language
The front-end developers use programming languages including HTML, CCS, and JavaScript. These programs were developed to assist in formatting, writing, page layout, grid system, designing and display of the web inefficient manner.
HTML- The Hypertext Mark-up Language is used to create pages on the web, assure the desired formatting of a document of text and align them in the order you want it to be displayed on computer screens of the user. It is one of the most important programming languages. It plays the most crucial role in making the imagination real on the display by putting every data, text, image, and numbers in a presentable manner.
CCS- This program helps in creating the data more attractive and more presentable. It includes colors like different fonts, multiple sizes, varied colors and fonts to give a more presentable look of the data displayed. It is basically an add-on feature for HTML.
JavaScript- It is used by professionals and especially in industries including engineering, accounting, designing, and marketing. This language allows the user to give commands to the system directly on the browser. It is used for creating games, WordPress, Yahoo, and LinkedIn.

Backend development programing language
The back-end developers use programming languages made for the primary purpose of data storing, data deeding and management of the same. Different web developers need to be skilled and trained in particular languages required for their profile.
Structured query language- SQL is one of the most important programming language used by back-end developers, this soft program is made to create editing in data. It basically works for data collection, data storage, and data management.
Python- It is used by software engineers, back-end developers and python programmers for creating object-oriented content. Google, Instagram, and YouTube are the major organizations using this program.
Ruby- It has a logo of a red colored gemstone and is an open- source language independent in its functioning. It creates object-oriented data and is used by technology, marketing and advertising on the web.
Hypertext Pre-processed or PHP- This general programming language is used to design different web pages and create dynamics in it. The open source program is efficient for operating huge systems and other servers on the web including Facebook and NextGen.

Career in Web Development
Where some companies hire expertise in one profile, other companies prefer to hire one person handling both front end and back end development. However, the languages required to work in both job roles are different and so, are the skills required for front-end developers and back-end developers. Thus, the courses offered to learn the skills also differ. The trend is constantly changing when we talk about technology and web related content. Therefore, it is essential to learn the upgraded and updated versions of both the profiles. The Internet has boomed into our lives as a miracle and staying connected is very important to get good jobs and make career scale go higher.

Thus, if you are looking for a career in computers, and is willing to get hired on a high payroll, web development is surely for you. With everything from education, healthcare and business going online, web developers can go a long way in their careers. However, do not forget to feed yourself with updated and trending computer programing languages and skills.

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