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29th Jun 2016 / Capital Numbers / HTML5

The ultimate dream of every web developer is to develop compelling, responsive and beautiful websites. Historically, web developers have been using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as the front end technologies to control the aesthetic features of a website. However, in recent years, HTML has undergone a transformational change to keep abreast with demands of modern … Read Full Article

25th Jun 2016 / Capital Numbers / HTML5

HTML5 buttresses interactive and responsive technologies that would have been very difficult to achieve when using either XHTML or earlier versions of HTML. With HTML5 specifications now considered “feature-complete,” the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)—a body that standardized HTML5 and previous versions of HTML—has been pondering additions of new features to make the development of … Read Full Article

18th Jun 2016 / Capital Numbers / HTML5

The fact that HTML5 is powerful with a wider set of technologies that allows development of more diverse and powerful websites and applications isn’t in doubt. Therefore, knowing how to use these features is the first step towards becoming an efficient web developer. This blog post walks you through a comprehensive list of new features … Read Full Article

15th Jun 2016 / Capital Numbers / HTML5

A modern and responsive website is no longer just a portal that acts as a communication channel—for sharing information— between the organizations with its clients. For you to be successful with your website strategy—attracting visitors and converting them into leads and customers—you have to design a web form that establishes an affable relationship with the … Read Full Article

8th Jun 2016 / Capital Numbers / HTML5

The drag and drop feature is one of the interactions that can promote usability of your website. There are numerous frameworks that can be used to develop the drag and drop interfaces. However, what most web developers don’t understand is that all the modern web browsers—that supports HTML5— have native supports that can implement drag … Read Full Article

25th May 2016 / Capital Numbers / HTML5

I can’t predict with certainty what the future holds of HTML5 technologies. However, one thing’s for sure: knowing which HTML5 framework to use for web development can help differentiate an excellent and successful web developer from a good web developer. It’s no secret that today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving and complex web development industry demands web developers … Read Full Article

20th May 2016 / Capital Numbers / HTML5

Developing modern, usable and more responsive websites can quite a jungle because of numerous and confusing web development technologies. Of course the original HTML—which was based on SGML—has become obsolete. Therefore, you can’t rely on it to develop a modern website. That HTML5 is the next generation language for web development is no longer in … Read Full Article

6th May 2016 / Capital Numbers / HTML5

It’s a fact that web developers have been fraught with browser compatibility when it comes to embedding videos in their content. Besides knowing the right HTML5 syntax, you have to determine how legacy browsers implement HTML5 video web standards. However, the fact that you’ve known the right syntax and which legacy browsers supports and implements … Read Full Article

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