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WordPress has taken the internet by storm in the recent years. These days, almost all big brands rely on WordPress for developing SEO friendly websites. The internet is dominated by hundreds of content management systems – Drupal, Joomla, and Magento, to name just a few. Going by the figures, WordPress alone is responsible for shaping a steady 27% of the total internet content. Adept in such an enormous market reach, the demands for custom WordPress development services are here to stay. Today, the number of WordPress theme developers is rapidly growing, and we can see why.
But don’t casually hire any applicant to design your website. This article will walk you through the prime tips to hire a WordPress developer for your website:


If you are familiar with WordPress, then you know that it is founded on PHP. However, you should not consider hiring a PHP coder to design your website based on their PHP experience alone . Though WordPress is powered by PHP, it is much more than PHP alone. You will need to look for a developer who has extensive knowledge of MySQL, HTML/XHTML, CSS and other such programs. You should seek to hire a developer who has acquired some experience in the field.


A good agency should have a great website for their company, one that is well updated, highlighting the type of work they do and their area of expertize. You can read through reviews and case studies to develop a firm assessment of the company. Case studies offer a glimpse of how an agency performed when developing a website. If you wish to go a step further, you can research their client feedback.


No matter how far-fetched this may sound, a dedicated WordPress developer must have an impressive website that showcases their previous work. If a company’s website appears sloppy and clumsy, you should move on to other profiles. A company that presents their core competencies via a well designed website is more likely to handle your project effortlessly.
Research other websites the company has designed in the past and take some time to examine those sites. In addition, you should verify whether or not the website is loading quickly.

4.Is Your Company SEO-friendly?

Why do you think WordPress hosts a large portion of internet content? Discernibly, WordPress technology comes with SEO-friendly characteristics. Everyone wants to see his/her website rank in the landing page for effective keywords. To ensure this, WordPress is your best bet. Hire a WordPress theme development company with sufficient insight into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology.


Always define your budget before you consider hiring an agency for your WordPress website development. When you have the exact figures before you, you can negotiate with your agency better.


Good communication is essential to manage all the work efficiently. A great WordPress developer must be responsive, and efficient at anticipating your challenges. You don’t want to hire a mediocre agency that is unresponsive to your emails and calls.

7.Mobile Phone Optimization

A considerable amount of people use mobile devices to access relevant websites. It goes without saying that a site that operates well on mobile devices has a competitive edge over others. Almost all themes are responsive to smartphones these days, so it is highly advantageous to build a company website that is responsive to mobile phones.

8.Gather Sufficient Insights

Before you proceed with your hiring process, it is crucial to gather all the information you can. If you are equipped with all the essential concepts and terminologies, you will be in a better position to communicate with your developer. WordPress comes with a wide range of Plugin options and they are all fairly easy to install, requiring no fees. To begin with, you can search for Email Collection Software, SEO Plugin, etc.

Beyond all doubt, an experienced WordPress theme developer can be an invaluable asset for your company, assisting you to reach out to a wider audience. Many companies have faced a lot of difficulties while picking the right developer for their WordPress development. You can consider the above-mentioned tips for hiring an agency to help you insure that you’re taking care of all your company’s website requirements successfully. Regardless of whom you hire, a full-time developer or a freelancer, these tips will help you hire the right professional.

A mobile game can be defined as a specific form of a video game that can be played on a smartphone (both Android and Microsoft), tablet, or iPad.. People play games in their leisure time for entertainment and to de-stress. Since the invention of Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation, a host of serious gamers who excel in these types of games have been appearing. To satisfy these gamers, as well as to entertain general mobile users,  mobile game development companies in India and other countries across the globe are incorporating versions of PC games, as well as making new ones, that can be played on mobile devices. These companies have skilled game development teams who come up with ingenious ideas to design new games every day.

Usually, smartphone users download these games from the App Store or Google Play. Mobile games are rapidly gaining in popularity as they offer advantages that you cannot get from traditional PC games. Some of these advantages are –

A.Easy accessibility:

Mobile games can be accessed anywhere unlike PC games. You can play them while you are en route to your office, or during a lunch break. All you need is to download the game from the App Store or Google Play and install it on your mobile device.

B.Less intricacy:

Mobile games are usually less complex than PC games. You don’t need to be a professional gamer to be able to play them. At the same time, professional gamers also enjoy playing these games.

C.Less space requirement:

Mobile games do not require much space to be installed on your phone. So, the chance of your smartphone functionality being sluggish is relatively low.

D.Free of cost:

Most of these mobile games can be downloaded and installed for free, which is one of the major reasons behind their growing popularity.

The list of famous mobile game companies includes Supercell, Glu Mobile, Kiloo, King, Ketchapp, EA Mobile, etc. As there are many top game development companies around the world, you might need to consider a few things before hiring one of them for your business. Here are some important factors to guide you for the selection procedure –

1.Acquire knowledge about the functionalities:

You need to have adequate knowledge about the technical functionalities of your game so you can communicate your desired outcome effectively with the game developer. You also need to educate yourself about various versions and updates of current popular games.

2.Reputation and experience:

It is important to consider the reputation and experience of the game developing company you’re about to hire. Experienced game developers with a proven track record of success are reliable options. You can determine their reputation in the market by going through online feedback and ratings. Consulting other people, gamers, who have been playing a certain game for a long time can also help.

3.The range of game development service:

Assess your requirements and verify whether the  game development company is going to be able to provide for all of your development needs. These services include Windows, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Flash.

4.Transparency of the procedure:

Select a game developer whose development procedure is entirely comprehensible to you. A decent mobile game developer will keep you updated every step of the way. These steps include –

Discussion of the initial concept and its evaluation
Refinement of the idea to make the game more user-friendly
Selection of the most appropriate design
Creating animation and background
Coding and creating UI (User interface) elements along with game level designs
Testing for coding errors and quality assurance
Final submission


You need to compare the cost entity with the quality of the service you are getting from the developer. You should only make your final decision when this quality vs. cost ratio seems reasonable and affordable.

6.Speed of the game:

Determine the turnaround of the games the game developer is providing. Also, make sure that it would not face difficulty while running on a smartphone, once it gets launched.

If you thoroughly follow these points, hiring a suitable game development company for your organization should be trouble free.

PHP can be defined as a programming language that is predominantly used for web development. It is mainly a server-side scripting language that can also be used as a programming language for general purposes. PHP is the recursive abbreviation of Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP developers across the globe can build website frameworks, web content management systems, web template systems, and various other web based designs with the help of this software programming language. Nowadays, many organizations, especially l small businesses, tend to hire dedicated PHP developers outside their region or country in order to outsource specific work and increase productivity. The reason behind this trend is that employing top PHP developers in your own company can come with a few problems –

1.Monetary issues:

You wouldn’t always have projects that would require the aid of a PHP developer, but if you employ one or more developers, you would have to pay them a substantial monthly salary, even when they have no project to work on. This unnecessary expenditure could cost your organization dearly in the long run.

2.Wasting resources:

When you are hiring a developer, you have to go through the tedious process of a general and technical aptitude test, and the personal interviews. Also, after being recruited, the employee would need to undergo a long training procedure to become fully functional. These selection processes would consume a lot of time, a precious resource, that you could use in other key areas of your company.

3.Providing operational facilities:

Once you hire an employee you would need to provide them with other amenities, such as a suitable laptop, and other such perks. Providing these extra benefits as well as one’s salary can be very burdensome to you.

4.Guiding through the commercial aspects:

You cannot expect that an inexperienced programmer would be adept at figuring out the commercial aspects of your project the moment he arrives. You will also need to train him/her very carefully in order to make him/her useful to your companie.

Due to these reasons many businessmen prefer to outsource their projects to India and other similar countries where teams of highly experienced PHP web developers can be hired for their specific projects. Hiring a PHP developer comes with many advantageous outcomes. Here are some of those beneficial features discussed in detail –

a.No formal recruitment procedure:

You would not need to involve yourself in a long selection process of hiring an eligible candidate because the PHP developers you would be hiring externally are already part of an organization and vastly experienced with this type of project. This will allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

b.Saving money:

The outsourced PHP developers work on contract. So, you would be paying them only when they’re handling your project, whereas you have to constantly pay an employee within your company on a monthly basis. Also, the overall cost of choosing an external group of developers is significantly lower than hiring two or three employees within your company.

c.Highly skilled programmers:

These outsourcing agencies follow their own strict procedure for recruiting their coders and developers. Therefore, the programmers who would be handling your projects would be highly qualified and experienced. This will vastly improve the quality of your work, infusing your project with ingenious ideas and fresh perspectives.

d.Efficient code analysis and database optimization:

PHP developers working in outsourcing companies are capable of efficient code analysis and database creation, as well as optimization.

e.Testing and implementation:

After the webpage is developed, PHP developers need to test the code they have written to design the page and check for errors. This is a very important step, as when a single error is overlooked, it can devastate the entire system. These developers perform this job with genuine care.

f.Maintenance and visibility:

Dedicated developers are capable of maintaining as well as improving the visibility of the webpage they created with great efficiency.

g.Easy accessibility:

You would be able to access your project from any part of the world, even from your home, as these developers work and communicate via the internet. You would be able to constantly follow and monitor their progress despite the physical distance.

h.On time deliveries:

These highly skilled and dedicated PHP developers are capable of working within certain deadlines. So, once you assign them your project, you would not need to worry about the delivery being made on time. These outsourcing agencies are entitled to make timely deliveries as they strictly follow the service level agreements (SLA).

Besides these benefits, you would also be in constant communication with your team online, able to track your project through each and every stage. These discernible advantages are making the hiring of dedicated PHP developers an incredibly popular and smart business decision.

Remote team management (also known as virtual team management) is a unique process of supervising, leading, maintaining, and managing a remote team with the help of effective internet connectivity. Nowadays, with the rapid advancement in technology, the virtual world is gradually turning out to be the new real world. You must have observed the myriads of virtual remote teams around the world in the form of outsourcing, data entry companies, digital marketing agencies, and many more.

In this new era of telecommunication and globalization, the process of working with remote teams has evolved to a significant extent. But still, efficiently managing a virtual team properly often comes with the following difficulties –

i. Difficulty in making interpersonal connections due to the absence of face to face communication.

ii. Various logistical problems, such as coordinating certain jobs across different parts of the world.

iii. Differences in culture, and

iv. Various technical issues that lead to gaps in communication or miscommunication.

In order to circumvent such problems you need to follow some specific dos and don’ts. Below are some tips that might be helpful for you to figure out exactly how to manage remote teams.

A.What you must do while managing a remote team:

Here are the things that you should do while managing a virtual team –

1.Select a well-reputed development management technique:

You can find various management types and procedures available to read about online, such as the scrum management process. You need to make sure that the management process will maintain honesty and integrity amongst your team members and simultaneously increase their productivity without pressuring them too much. You can find various monitoring tools online, such as Atlassian Jira, that can help you to monitor the progress of your employees.

2.Stick to your management technique:

Once you select a certain process you should be patient about getting the desirable results. If you change your technique frequently, your employees would have a very hard time adjusting. Therefore, it is best to stick to your management strategy for a while.

3.Holding video conferences:

As you won’t be able to physically meet your employees at will, video conferences help you to develop an interpersonal relationship with them.. Face-to-face meetings are very important. It would be beneficial for your company if you hold a video conference with your employees for every project.

4.Set up your expectation:

People usually work better within deadlines. When you are able to clearly lay out your expectations you are able to increase their productivity to a significant extent. You could set a 30 day or 60 day window to fulfil your specific requirements.

5.Prioritize your needs:

If you impose too much work on your employees all at once, they will be unable to do their job while maintaining decent quality of life. Hence, prioritize your needs and divide certain jobs among your employees according to their expertise. It is beneficial when you are able to show them the smaller targets and the big picture simultaneously. That way, they are able come up with effective strategies to accomplish the task.

B.What you must not do while managing a remote team:

Now it’s time consider the facts that you shouldn’t do while managing your team –

1.Don’t believe in rumors:

Don’t judge any one of your employees based on certain hearsays. Rumors can be dangerous as they create misconception and unnecessary misapprehension. If you hear certain things about someone, personally communicate with him or her and consider every matter before making your final decision.

2.Don’t forget to encourage diversity:

Diversity of ethnicity and culture could be a very good thing for your organization as it would help to manoeuvre certain strategies from various perspectives. Hence, with a multicultural and diverse organization you are able to eliminate the “group thinking” problem.

3.Don’t use an Information System that is too intricate:

If your information system (IS) is too complex then your employees would have a difficult time interpreting and communicating with it. This would ultimately impede your company’s progress. Use an information system, such as the Source Code Management (SCM), which is easily comprehensible.

4.Don’t micromanage:

Micromanagement might cause confusion and conflict amongst your employees, so you must refrain from micromanaging while dealing with a remote team.

If you follow these dos and don’ts properly, managing a remote team should seem like a cakewalk.

In this digital age where life has become exceedingly fast-paced, there is a steady market for mobile apps. With the emergence of cutting-edge technologies, mobile apps are expanding in leaps and bounds. With the passage of time, the quality of mobile games will continue to surge steeply. For a host of reasons, mobile gaming poses unique challenges for game developers. Consequently, it is becoming difficult for mobile apps to thrive in today’s competitive market. If you want to develop a successful mobile app you will require a strategic approach to mobile app development. These days, there are a number of mobile game development companies available in India that can help you design unique and interactive games based on your demands.

➢Determine Your Approach

Before designing a game, it is important to determine a style that fits your budget. In addition, you need to conduct extensive research to figure out what your approaches should be. A mobile game should be created after carefully considering the target users of the application. Building clarity regarding your target audience will help you improve the chances of success. Every single component, from appropriate sound effects to designs and layouts, is crucial for developing a successful app. Important factors, like hardware efficiency and battery life, should be taken into careful consideration before determining mobile platforms. Other essential aspects that influence your choice of platform involve device support, gadget support, performance, etc.

➢Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, GameSalad: Choose Your Software Appropriately

Before developing your game, you need to determine your choice for good software. Today, there are a number of convenient game engines available in the market that can create exciting mobile games, in both 2-Dimension and 3-Dimension.

●Unity 3D

Unity 3D is an extremely popular game engine, widely utilized by mobile game development companies for its high-end features and competent graphics solutions. Unity 3D uses cutting-edge tools that help game developers illustrate visual narratives, allowing you to make breakthroughs in the gaming industry.

●Unreal Engine:

The Unreal Engine is a renowned game engine that involves first-person shooters. It has been widely utilized in several interactive games. In addition, it uses the C++ coding system and facilitates portability.


GameSalad is a good choice if you are considering a 2D format for your game. It does not need any coding knowledge and it runs on a behavior-based system. Conveniently enough, you can port your games onto all types of phones – Android, Windows8 or iOS – with just a couple of clicks. Unlike complex game engines, like Unity 3D, that requires extensive knowledge about coding, GameSalad is a good place to get started if you are developing games for the first time.

➢Master a Programming Language

Irrespective of which software you are choosing, to create your mobile game, it is mandatory to master a programming language. Once you are comfortable with game developing and want to experiment with complex games, knowledge of a programming language can offer miraculous solutions. A good way to start is by learning C#; it is a simple programming language and is fairly easy to grasp. C# is preferred by top game development companies who use advanced game engines like Unity 3D.

➢Access Leading-Edge 3D Solutions

Many game developers are using immersive videos and high-quality sound to recreate the physical experience in mobile games. If you play a game of cricket, you will have the live experience of hitting a ball, experiencing the sounds of a stadium jammed with spectators. It is an enormous leap in mobile app development. More and more app designers are selecting advanced 3D technologies like Unity 3D, Vuforia, Oculus Rift, etc., to build immersive mobile games.
Everybody uses mobile phones and tablets these days. Interestingly enough, the number of people playing games is increasing considerably. With the development of competitive solutions and competent hardware improvements, the market for mobile game apps has escalated steadily over recent years. An efficient game development team can provide tailor-made solutions that will boost your app’s performance. If you are among those who are yearning to develop a successful mobile game, this article will enlighten you about all you need to know about creating your own mobile game in India.

Ever since computer and mobile games have emerged, Unity 3D had a big part to play in it. A powerful game development frame work, Unity has proven time and again that it is the breakthrough tool among its peers. Its specialties include an extensive set of 2D and 3D game authoring tools as well as the ability of multi-platform development of a certain game or application.

From the Asian context, 3D game development has always been a popular phenomenon in countries like Japan, China, India and Sri Lanka. In India, there are several specialized game development companies creating content using the Unity engine. With the demand for newer computer and mobile games and an influx of Unity professionals, IT companies and game studios in India are on the lookout for game developers who can effectively use their skill set and the latest technology. However, there are certain factors that differentiate a very good Unity game development company from the inefficient ones. The following points will help you make the right decision for the best game structuring quality to produce the top Unity 3D games.

1.The Unity Game Developer Must Be Well Versed in All Platforms.

Unity 3D is known for excellent cross platform support, able to develop games for a number of different platforms catering to mobiles and computers. Hence, the company should be adept at handling assignments for different platforms. With newer games being introduced every day, and mobile game development with Unity gaining ground, it is of utmost importance that the game developers be updated with the latest trends in the Unity world and upgrade his skill set accordingly. Most development companies have their services and past creations for display in their website, which can be used as a reference point. The collection of samples will give you a good idea about their quality and specialization.

2.Delivery Must Be On time

A lot of planning goes into the development and creation of a game, especially regarding the release date. Which is why deadlines are critical in the game development industry and a competent development company can handle that efficiently. As the promotion process relies heavily on the release date, the PR and marketing team may start advertising the game according to the deadline given to the development team. The problem arises when an incompetent development team misses a deadline, in turn, delaying everything else in a domino effect. Make certain to verify that the development company has met past deadlines and is able to work in a time crunch.

3.The Cost Involved:

It should be kept in mind that although the Unity engine is relatively inexpensive to acquire, game development services do not come cheap because of the amount of skill, dedication and commitment involved. Game development in Unity 3D is also a time consuming process if you want to achieve the best output. A competent and successful Unity game development house will charge accordingly, assuring their clients of the best quality of output. Many times cheaper rates simply mean poorer quality of services, which may result in losses in the long run. The cost involved should be intimated explicitly and in detail to the client before work begins.

The Final Word

The development of newer technology and the advancements of smart phones have resulted in an increased demand for the whole Unity game development industry in India. Much of it can be attributed to the widespread use of mobile devices by the general public. With more and more individuals spending time playing games, the need for hiring good Unity developers is critical. Hence, finding the right game development service that uses Unity can be a challenge. The aforementioned factors should be kept in mind when seeking such a service. Additionally, both the client and the development team need to be on the same page. To achieve this, a detailed discussion with the team and the client should take place, one that explains the aspects of the business the client wants to highlight. The decision should be made after much consideration and carefully weighing the pros and cons of a particular development company.

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