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Our Service Includes:
  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • 100% Manual Testing
  • Talk Directly with Your Tester
  • Daily Output - 5 Days a Week
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team
  • A Dedicated Tester
  • No Contract
  • NDA
  • All In-house Team, Privacy Guaranteed
  • White Label Service
14-Day Free Trial

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Frequently Asked Questions

I just made a purchase! How do I start using it?

  • There are several steps to getting started, but it isn’t complicated.

    • If you have received a confirmation screen from PayPal, your order has been successfully received. If you’re curious about a delay, don’t worry! It then takes us 24 hours (longer on holidays and weekends) to assign your dedicated tester. As soon as that’s done, we will create a new account for you.
    • Keep a look out for an invitation email from teamwork.com, which is the system we use to manage all tasks. (You may want to check all your email folders just to be sure).
    • Once you receive an invite, you can choose your password and then start adding testing tasks. You can create as many tasks as you need and we will work on them sequentially.

    Any information that you share, including username and password, is shared only between you and your tester and is completely secure.

What if I don't like it

  • We’re pretty sure you will! But, sometimes things happen, and we understand. Just cancel within 14 days with zero hassle.

What's the catch?

  • We know it sounds too good to be true -- but there is no catch. There is no fine print. We've worked with hundreds of clients who feel frustrated and let down because of the hours they’ve spent trying to do their own testing. We found that with just 30 mins of professional daily testing, the quality of your products will be dramatically improved. So it’s in everyone’s best interest that we offer high-quality testing services at a cost-effective price.

Can I make unlimited requests? Do you offer testing for unlimited sites and apps?

  • You got it! You have a dedicated tester and can send in as many requests as you want. Don't forget, they are human, so you won't get everything back insta-magically...but you'll never be limited by how much you can send in.

How long does it take to get started?

  • 1-2 business days. This onboarding process is designed to get a clear overview of your needs so we get the details exactly right. After onboarding is complete and your tester match is made, we’ll start getting results on your testing.

What can you test?

  • Our service is best used for testing website and mobile apps. You can download our web application and mobile application checklist to see the kind of tests that we can do.

At which stage of development should I hire you?

  • As soon as possible! Generally, we find that earlier is better. However, testing should be a daily ritual. Even if you think you have a stable product, it’s still worth testing professionally -- that’s how you’ll get the best possible response from your users.

How fast can you complete my request?

  • Everything we do takes at least one business day, sometimes more. A request that's complicated or has a lot of moving parts will obviously take more time. But that’s just the reality of working with a large agency that has the resources to give you dedicated testers.

I need several sites tested every day! What do I do?

  • Great. You can send in as many requests as you want and your tester will work through them like a well-tuned production line. Sometimes, our timelines may take longer than your business needs. If you have a rush project, that’s understandable. In that case, we recommend additional accounts or hiring multiple testers through us, so we can hit your deadlines.

How should I choose a package?

  • If this is for a new project - For a typical project 25% of time should budget to testing for getting optimal results. This includes creation of test cases at the onset of the project, sharing it with the developer and then execution of test cases before release or code merges. For every full time developer working for you, you should have 2 hours of a tester's time and this, one full time tester is recommend if you have team of four engineers. If you are at advanced stages - If you are already at an advanced stage of development and you want to invest time in creation of test cases etc then you should budget for 15% of overall development effort. Thus, you need to have one full time tester for a team of 3 developers.

    In any case, unless you already know that you need a full time tester, we recommend that you start with one hour of testing everyday and then downgrade or upgrade as per your needs.

I need 4 hours of testing per day, is that possible?

  • Yes, you can purchase 4 units of 1 hour package.

So what does the process look like?

  • Again, very simple.

    • If we need any clarification on a task, we’ll just ask questions through a secure messaging system on TeamWork.
    • Our test team will complete your tasks and upload the report for you to review.
    • We also log time every day. So transparency is guaranteed, and you can track how much time we spend daily working on your project.
    • All interaction between you and your tester will happen through the Teamwork app.

Seven days a week?

  • No. We work hard, but our testers are people, too! They get weekends off. We work five days a week, Monday to Friday.

What if I need to talk to my tester?

  • It’s encouraged. Communication and transparency are key. We recommend setting up an upfront call to allow each party to understand needs and deliverables. Here are the best times for various time zones:

    • London: 7 AM - 3 PM
    • New York: 7 AM - 12 PM
    • San Francisco: 8 PM - 9 AM
    • Sydney: 2 PM - 9 PM

There isn’t a contract, right?

  • There’s no contract at all. That would defeat the whole purpose. This is a month to month service. We don’t lock you in with any “fine print,” and you can cancel at any time.

Will my hours roll over into next month?

  • No. All hours must be used within the billing cycle.

Do you do automated testing?

  • This service is specifically created for functional testing. To get a quote for automated testing please get in touch.

Can the tester work on Jira?

  • Yes. Feel free to invite the tester to any existing project management tool that you use.

Got questions in mind?

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Great experience working with the Capital Numbers team. They were extremely diligent, accessible and utmost professional in their work. They were worth every euro. We are happy with the results they showed us and also the solutions they come up with to satisfy our needs. I definitely recommend working with them. It is useful to have someone on your side who does have (although limited) knowledge of IT and web hosting.

5/5 stars


We have found Capital Numbers extremely easy to work with as development partners. They have been great at spending the time on the front-end of projects to understand the full scope which is helpful during development to guide decision-making and potential trade-offs to deliver on time and within budget. They're effective at integrating technical solutions with creative work and we have had a great experience with their project management.

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I have been a customer of Capital Numbers for many years and multiple projects across both all my personal websites, and multiple clients. They are my most trusted partner when it comes to any web and mobile development issues.

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