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DevOps Consulting Services

Create and orchestrate your software components with the help of our DevOps services.

Continuous Integration

Our team of skilled coders and extensively experienced DevOps developers integrate code into a shared repository and verify each integration through automated tests for better code quality and improved build.

Automatic Deployment

Our DevOps engineers are skilled at automating your delivery pipeline to ensure smooth deployments and seamless rollbacks across IT processes. Our DevOps consulting services can segment your bulky enterprise apps into self-sustained services, migrate your IT infrastructure to the cloud, fix bugs, and deploy new features with zero risks.

Support Solutions

To facilitate the smooth and hassle-free performance of your IT infrastructure within the DevOps framework, our highly reliable DevOps Solutions help you adopt DevOps best practices, move your IT to the cloud, and map out improvements based on your IT performance and load testing reports.

Environment Configuration

Our DevOps services company specializes in setting up server environments using AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. We ensure consistency and save your time by having your servers configured for optimal load balancing.

Analysis and Evaluation

Our team of qualified analysts evaluates the development and operation of your IT environment and conducts an in-depth audit to help you choose the right DevOps model, select appropriate technology frameworks, and identify bottlenecks.

DevOps Consulting

We offer DevOps services with the best strategies and create roadmaps to help you achieve stable, secure, and scalable server architectures. Leverage our agile and lean DevOps consulting solutions to keep away long software development cycles and legacy infrastructure.

End-to-end Testing

Our DevOps services conduct end-to-end DevOps testing, which involves regression and functionality tests and validation of environment configuration to ensure every piece of information is passed between different software components within the system in a seamless and optimum way.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Our DevOps solutions team selects the most suitable monitoring tools for you, right from those offered by cloud service providers to third-party solutions, to ensure that your IT infrastructure functions perfectly at all layers including network, software, database, storage, and OS, without any costly interruptions.

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DevOps Stack

The idea of overhauling your IT infrastructure may seem a little daunting at first, but with our DevOps services, you can automate each deployment process, layer by layer, quite effortlessly.

Source Code Repository

Our DevOps consulting helps you choose your code repository tool that facilitates hassle-free code management and allows multiple engineers to work on the same project without worrying about duplicating efforts.


  • GitHub (hosted)
  • GitLab (private)
  • BitBucket

Container Image Registry

Register, secure, and manage container image distribution through the right tools and maintain control over who can download and access images to keep away all vulnerabilities.


  • Harbor
  • GitLab
  • JFrog Artifactory
  • Nexus
  • Azure Container Registry

Continuous Deployment

In our DevOps implementation, we put the most suitable tools for continuous delivery and verify all code changes and updates before deploying to customers.


  • Jenkins
  • Spinnaker
  • Bamboo
  • Gitlab CI
  • TeamCity

Build Tools

Automate creating a software build with appropriate build tools to compile code, run automated tests, and deployable output artifacts.


  • Gradle
  • npm
  • Maven
  • Ant

Code Analysis

Our DevOps implementation improves code quality and eliminates technical glitches with the best software quality management tooling.


  • Sonar
  • Black Duck
  • Checkmarx

Log Management

Our DevOps as a service monitor anomalies and manage log events with pre-integrated tools for analysis and reporting.


  • ElasticSearch
  • Fluentd
  • Kibana
  • Splunk
  • Graylog

IAC & Configuration Management

Make your software development process reliable and your business agile with infrastructure provisioning tools.


  • Terraform
  • Cloudformation
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Juju
  • Helm
  • Ansible
  • SaltStack
  • Azure Automation & Resource Manager

Workflow Automation

Our DevOps services use best-in-class workflow automation tools to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks, improve code velocity, and speed up the process of dev to deploy.


  • Argo

Automated Testing

With our DevOps consulting, you can choose the right automated testing tools to widen your test coverage, ensure code consistency and quality, and get reliable results.


  • Selenium
  • WireMock
  • Artillery


Our DevOps consulting helps step up your cross-team collaboration with effective tools.


  • AWS
  • GitHub
  • JIRA
  • OsTicket
  • Redmine
  • ServiceNow
  • Slack

Security Scanning

Our DevOps services provide security scanning where you can choose from supported operating systems.


  • Clair
  • Nessus
  • Qualys
  • Amazon Inspector
  • Veracode
  • Aqua


Our DevOps services aid you keep your existing data, resources, and configurations safe and secure by archiving them so that they don’t get lost accidentally or during migration.


  • AWS Backup
  • Storage Gateway
  • Migration Hub
  • DMS
  • Glacier
  • S3


Secure passwords tuned for RBAC and manage certificates across all hybrid-cloud environments with the right security tools.


  • Okta
  • Hashicorp Vault
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • AWS Security Hub
  • Shield
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • CloudHSM

Security Scanning

We provide DevOps solutions that keep your software safe from bugs with the right security scanning tools that look into source code and container images.


  • Windows Server Family
  • RHEL
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Oracle Linux


Leverage the same DevOps toolset in a hybrid cloud environment across public cloud and private data centers to amp up business efficiency.


  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure
  • Your data center

Alert & Monitoring

Leverage the same DevOps toolset in a hybrid cloud environment across public cloud and private data centers to amp up business efficiency.


  • Datadog
  • Zabbix
  • Nagios New Relic
  • ZenOSS

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Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps as a service refers to the practices and policies involved in the software development process to achieve breakthrough outcomes and excellent business value. DevOps services include implementing strategies such as product planning, development, integration, testing, and deployment.

The DevOps model involves collaboration between an organization’s development team and the operations team to achieve a common business outcome and create value. It removes the barriers between traditionally siloed development and operations teams.

Yes, you can hire extensively experienced DevOps developers from us (starting from $2500 per month). If you want, you can manage your developers directly, assign tasks, and review the output. Alternatively, we are happy to offer a free-of-cost Project Manager who can act as your single point of contact while managing multiple developers on your behalf.

The DevOps services that we provide include selecting the right DevOps model, environment configuration using Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud, end-to-end DevOps testing, continuous integration, automated deployment across IT processes, DevOps maintenance and monitoring, reliable support solutions and DevOps consulting.

We help businesses overhaul their IT infrastructure by implementing DevOps strategies that include technologies like:

  • GitHub, BitBucket (for Source Code Repository)
  • ElasticSearch, Fluentd (for Log Management)
  • AWS Backup, Storage Gateway (for Backup)
  • AWS ECR, Azure Container Registry (for Container Image Registry)
  • Terraform, Cloudformation (for IAC & Configuration Management)
  • Okta, AWS Security Hub (for Security)
  • Jenkins, Gitlab CI (for Continuous Deployment)
  • Argo (for Workflow Automation)
  • Windows Server Family, Oracle Linux (for Security Scanning)
  • Gradle, Ant (for Build)
  • Selenium, WireMock (for Automated Testing)
  • AWS, GCP (for Clouds)
  • Sonar, Black Duck (for Code Analysis)
  • Datadog, Zabbix (for Monitoring)
  • Clair, Nessus (for Security Scanning)

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