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The Client

This email marketing platform ensures smooth delivery of emails to the prospects’ primary inboxes instead of in their spam folders. It helps companies optimize campaigns, generate leads, and grow sales without letting a single email fall through the cracks.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Capital Numbers had to develop this email marketing platform end-to-end. Our primary goal was to build a portal that improves email deliverability and gets every message routed to the recipients’ inboxes. We had to ensure that no email gets cluttered up in spam which can otherwise result in:

  • Zero clicks
  • Poor marketing
  • Bad sender reputation

To ensure every email lands in the inbox, we had to custom-code the backend. Our team needed to implement solid APIs to filter out spam so that recipients can keep their inboxes clean.

Moreover, we had to embed voice calls for marketers to connect with their prospects. Also, several repeated tasks had to be automated to improve efficiency.

All in all, we had to come up with an easy-to-use platform that helps create, customize, and deliver emails successfully for increased conversions.

The Solution

The Solution

Capital Numbers started by identifying email delivery issues that prevent marketers from reaching out to their audiences. After all, lost emails are lost, customers. So, we discussed strategies to ensure 99.9% email deliverability and zero spam.

We used Node.js because it triggers multi-step email sequences with just a few lines of code. Node also helps configure both frontend and backend, eliminating the need to hire two resource teams, saving time and cost.

Since it is impossible to send emails manually to an extensive database, we used Bull scheduler. This helps schedule and send over 100 emails simultaneously with just a tap, without keeping a pulse on each delivery individually.

To authorize Gmail users and protect them from spam, we used OAuth 2.

Email bounces wreak havoc on marketing. So, we integrated Zero Bounce APIs to do away with all fake IDs.

We leveraged Twilio’s voice API to enable high-quality calls for marketers to reach out to their customers.

MySQL was an immediate choice for managing the database because of its unparalleled data protection.

We secured all in-app payments using Stripe.

Finally, we deployed the portal in AWS because its S3 bucket stores and processes vast data at great speed.

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Capital Numbers’ careful selection of the software stack helped build a platform that ties all email marketing activities to a single dashboard. This portal simplifies campaign management by sending the correct email to the right person at the right frequency.

Our critical contributions included:

Multi-user Account

We assigned different permissions for different users to remove confusion, for example:

  • The Super-admin can add/edit/delete companies, see campaign reports, check invoices, manage subscriptions, and configure every setting in the website.
  • The Company admin can create, schedule, and monitor email campaigns, import new prospects via CSV files, and add employees.
  • The Employee admin can check campaign statistics, track responses, and make follow-up calls to warm up leads.

Personalized Emails

We added provisions for companies to create personalized emails that stand out and improve open rates.

Send Time Optimization

We allowed users to optimize send times because no matter how great the message is, it all goes to waste if it doesn't reach recipients at an optimal time.

Smooth Email Scheduling

Our email scheduler lets users schedule a flurry of emails to be sent later at a designated time automatically without requiring manual intervention.

Reliable Email Deliverability

Our custom coding solutions help campaigns reliably reach the prospects’ inboxes and never pile up in spam.

Well-timed Follow-Ups

We also included options to craft follow-up emails for subscribers weekly instead of daily not to appear too pushy or forceful.

Zero Bounces

By embedding Zero Bounce API, we could weed out invalid IDs and bounces.

Campaign Status Overview

The campaign status page provides a 360° overview of the active, completed, and drafted emails.

Real-time Analytics

Our real-time reports provide data on clicks, opens, and unsubscribes for marketers to measure campaign performances.

Crucial Leads Data

We also offered critical insights on leads gained and lost so that marketers know where their customers are and rebuild strategies to recover lost sales.

Web Sign Up Forms

Our team offered ample scopes to attract subscriptions from companies by adding short registration forms that are quick to fill up.

End-to-end Development

The above helped us build an email marketing platform that provides a holistic view of the customer journey. We managed everything head to toe - from studying MarTech solutions, designing workflows, implementing logic to the final deployment.

Email Hygiene

Our well-rounded solution contains powerful integrations for campaign success. The portal blocks toxic IPs to maintain email hygiene.

Spam-proof Marketing

We’re happy with the way our talented engineers ensured that every email ends up in inboxes instead of in junks.

Powerful Email Marketing Portal

From campaign personalization to inboxing rate, this portal takes care of it all without letting a single message get lost in the shuffle.

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